Estonia is an interesting mix of Scandinavian, German and Russian influences and offers visitors plenty to see and do, from the medieval Old Town in Tallinn, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the beautiful island Prangli.

Locally owned tour company Prangli Travel offers guided tours in Tallinn, north Estonia and the northern Estonia islands. “We started 15 years ago by organising trips to the island Prangli, which inspired the name of the company, and eventually added tours to other beautiful places in Estonia,” says Annika Prangli, founder and CEO.

Prangli is a small island on the coast, just one hour from Tallinn. Here, you can go to the beach, eat freshly caught fish, and see how the locals go about their life. Annika and her team can also provide accommodation and rental bikes as well as seal watching tours in summer, which is a highlight for many visitors.

The company also offers a range of day trips outside Tallinn, which can be booked via Tallinn Daytrip. “We wanted to offer excursions outside the city, so that tourists can experience our beautiful nature and see the Estonian way of life,” says Annika.

The most popular trip is to Lahemaa National Park, just east of Tallinn. Here, you can check out the fishing villages along the coastline, admire the Jägala waterfall, go on a hike in the mystical wetland area, and visit a historic and romantic manor house.

Another recommendation is the Rummu submerged quarry and coastal cliffs. The tour combines hiking along the coastline with a visit to Keila waterfall and some historic sights. For instance, you can explore a former Soviet-era prison and an abandoned naval fortress, including winding dark underground tunnels.

Prangli Travel: Explore Estonia’s beautiful nature, romantic architecture and rich culture


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