Beer consumers are notoriously curious, brewers love to experiment, and beer trends come and go. What’s next? Here are my predictions for the coming year in beer.

I think this will be the year when classics rule and cool hipsters will forget about over-hopped and hazy IPAs for a moment. More humble, trustworthy beers such as Dark Mild and Brown Ale have already made a return and I think this positive trend will continue. Let’s hope for more well-rounded, modest beers that bring comfort, like British ales and German lagers.

Many brewers do love to experiment though, so there will undoubtedly still be heaps of hybrid beers, pastry stouts and ice-cream sours to try, just to keep things exciting. Dare to be different, some might say. Yes, absolutely; but also dare to brew the same classic style over and over again until it’s bloody perfect! This dedication impresses me more than brewing with unexpected ingredients and techniques.

I also believe we’ll see a continuous growth of sessionable beers. I’m already a fan of lower-alcohol options such as table beer for more moderate drinking. I’m also a lager girl and root for craft breweries to make stunningly crisp, refreshing and tasty lagers, without upping the alcohol too much. Oh, perhaps this will finally be the year of dark lagers? Fingers crossed!

Looking at the bigger picture, beer will likely be brewed for the good, for the local community, and for the planet. Sustainability is already key and will remain in focus, in production as well as advertising. Breweries will continue to strive for diversity and inclusion, as they should, and I think we’ll see even more examples of beer for charitable causes.

What do you think will happen in the beer world in 2023?

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