Voted best vodka and gin in the world, Purity is smooth and delicious; a treat for true spirit connoisseurs. The award-winning products are made from organic ingredients, distilled slowly and repeatedly, with magical copper-contact for heaps of flavour.

Housed in the 13th century Ellinge Castle in Skåne, Purity Distillery makes organic vodka and gin like no other. “A common misconception is that vodka is bland, but vodka can be incredible when made with patience, craftsmanship and love,” says Mathias Tönnesson, master blender at Purity Distillery. “Our mission is to put flavour at the forefront and create organic vodka that is both velvety smooth and showcases a noticeable character. When people try Purity, they often comment on the surprisingly tasty experience.”

The secret to Purity’s success is the unique copper still and the slow and repeated copper distillation process. The handmade still, developed by renowned technical engineer Leif Nerhammar, is designed to maximise the copper contact, which purifies the alcohol and enhances the taste. One distillation cycle is made up of 17 individual distillations, which is then repeated once or twice more. You can actually see the number of distillations in the product name, marked by the numbers 17, 34 or 51.

Unlike other distilleries, Purity uses a mix of winter wheat, for crispness, and malted barley, which adds sweetness. “We distil slowly, patiently. And then we do it again and again, to bring flavour and smoothness to another level. Finally, we add soft water, which develops the character even further,” explains Mathias. “As you can see, flavour is central at every step of the process.”

Purity Distillery: Bringing smoothness and flavour to another level

Celebrated vodka and gin for true connoisseurs

The distillery’s crown jewel, the Connoisseur 51 Reserve vodka, has been recognised by experts as the best vodka in the world, praised for its incomparable smoothness and complexity. It was recently awarded 95 points by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the highest rated vodka for the last 5 years in the US.

Signature 34 Edition is Purity’s classic vodka. Perfectly balanced, it has won more than 150 international awards, including Gold at the International Wine & Spirit Competition. “Our first vodka has it all – layers of flavour, complexity and unparalleled elegance,” says Mathias with a smile. “It established a new era of vodka production, and changed the way the spirit is perceived and enjoyed.”

With his gins, Mathias wanted to achieve a bold profile with a lingering finish. “Gin is basically a juniper-flavoured vodka, and will only be as good as the base vodka used. You can tell a local story using local herbs picked in your garden, but if the base vodka is not great, the gin will not be great either,” he explains. “With our award-winning vodka as a base, the aromas and flavours have the chance to blossom, which makes our gins different from others in the market.”

Purity’s signature gin, the Navy Strength 34 Gin with its bold character and explosive flavour, was named Best Gin in the World by the International Spirit Challenge in 2020. “We discovered that a higher ABV in our vodka and time devoted to infusing our botanicals yielded more flavour. Our Navy Strength gin is rich and complex, slightly stronger but surprisingly smooth to drink.”

Old Tom 34 Gin is the original style of gin made famous in London in the 17th century and is recognisable for its softness and slightly sweeter taste, perfect for any cocktail. The London Dry 34 Gin is its non-sweet twin that became popular at the beginning of the 20th century and, with its blend of juniper, coriander, thyme and basil, it will make your gin and tonic sing.

The craftsmanship and magic of blending

Quality is crucial at every step of the process, and Mathias compares the art of blending to cooking. “I’m passionate about the craftsmanship of blending. It’s similar to cooking, where you can combine flavours for a delicious dish. At the end of the day, if you use good ingredients and let the process take its time, you will get a delicious result.”

New this spring is the Mediterranean citrus-flavoured vodka, with notes of sweet oranges, bergamot and grapefruit. It’s bitter and citrussy, ideal for cocktails, according to the master blender. “We added bergamot for a more balanced profile, it reduced the bitterness and added a fresh character. It’s like summer in a glass.”

Mathias hopes that 2023 will be the return of his personal favourite, the classic Martini, a vodka or gin-based cocktail that be can be personalised based on how you prepare and garnish it. He also recommends the Espresso Martini, which combines vodka and coffee. “Our Signature 34 Edition really brings out the coffee flavour, but you can also use our flavoured vodka and get a citrussy twang together with the coffee – it’s fantastic!”

Purity Distillery: Bringing smoothness and flavour to another level

Left: Mathias Tönnesson, master blender.

Instagram: @purity_distillery

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