RE:DO are nutritious snacks that are completely vegan and nut-free – for anyone in need of getting high-quality energy fast. Behind the brand, is the Swedish couple Pierre and Linda Johnsson. They live a high-paced lifestyle with lots of exercise in their schedule.

Pierre Johnsson is a former professional ice-hockey player, and it was during his active days that he needed a snack in between meals. Because of his high-performing lifestyle as a player in the Swedish hockey league, he needed something easy and fast that was packed with nutrients to fuel his body for the intense exercise. Both Pierre and Linda started to search every grocery store for options, but could only find milk-based protein shakes or nutty bars. A dairy-free drink or nut-free bar that included not only a good source of protein but also carbs, was alas nowhere to be found. So Pierre kept making porridge, eggs and smoothies that made a mess in the kitchen while they continued the search. With two children at home, the need for a quick nutritious snack only grew bigger, and they realised they had to create the product themselves. A few years passed, but it wasn’t until they met Hans-Anders Karlsson, and a few other investors that believed in them, that things started to really happen.

“I’ve been in the business for over 30 years, and learned how to tell if an idea is indeed a good idea, and now we are being contacted by people all over the world, from Hong Kong to the US, which is amazing,” says Hans-Anders Karlsson, head of the board that also works with the company.

Their first product is similar to a protein drink and has the same amount of nutrients as the classic breakfast that Pierre used to have: oat porridge and two eggs. Today, they have expanded their line and have two different products on the market: the drink and the bar. The smooth drink comes in the flavours Chocolate Chock and Strawberry Supreme, and the bars are available in the flavours Chocolate Chock, Raspberry Rules and the just-launched Salted Caramel, which is said to taste exactly like candy. All of their products are low in sugar, high in protein and don’t contain any palm oil.

“We wanted to create a product that we needed ourselves, but that anyone – no matter their lifestyle – could eat. We have put a lot of effort into creating a plant-based option that is exciting, and also something for non-vegans to enjoy. Everyone that has tried our products are amazed at how sweet and tasty they are. However, they contain no added sugar and are packed with nutrients,” says Pierre Johnsson.

Because of dairy sensitivity, they knew they wanted to create a plant-based option, but the vegan options contained nuts or traces from nuts. Instead, they turned to the world of peas and oats; plant-based options that have increased in popularity.

RE:DO: Plant-based sweet snacks for the high performer

“All of our products from RE:DO don’t contain any allergens, meaning that people with nut allergies can eat them. They are healthy and good options for breakfast, or when you need a snack,” he continues.

Today Pierre Johnsson works as a hockey trainer for the Swedish ice hockey team Skellefteå, and runs the business together with his wife Linda Johnsson and Hans-Anders Karlsson.

“We are a very small family business and we try to keep the production as close to us as possible, to guarantee the quality,” Linda Johnsson explains. She continues: “Our bars are produced in Gothenburg in Sweden, and our drinks are produced in Germany. The factory in Germany was the closest to us that could create a drink that was equal to a bowl of oatmeal and two eggs, which was important to us.”

They market themselves as an accessible and healthy option for anyone that needs energy fast and is picky about what they put into their bodies. “As a former professional athlete, my husband is very conscious of only putting good-quality nutrients into his body, and we only want to give our children the best, so we are very strict about what our products contain. Both of our children have a chocolate drink for breakfast every morning, and love it,” Linda says.

But not only children enjoy RE:DO, of course. They are also proud sponsors of the hockey team Frölunda, and every hockey player in the second-biggest league, HockeyAllsvenskan, finds their products in the locker room, meaning they have passed the in depth-tests made by the hockey league’s nutritionists.

Today, the Johnsson family’s product is available in a big range of stores in Sweden, and they are increasing their presence in Germany, too. In a few months, they are looking forward to expanding and will soon also be available in stores in Austria.

“We want people all over Europe to enjoy a good-quality product that keeps their energy levels high all day. Nothing good comes from being hangry,” Linda laughs.

If you are interested in learning more about RE:DO and their products, you can always check them out online:

RE:DO: Plant-based sweet snacks for the high performer

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