Reflex Arkitekter is the architectural bureau that knows how to make the right impact in the right place. With an impressive portfolio of buildings that have become beloved landmark pieces in cities around Sweden, they are approaching the inauguration of the latest addition to the evolving Gothenburg cityscape: Kineum, a building dedicated to movement, dynamic encounters and luxurious leisure.

Reflex Arkitekter, based in Stockholm and Gothenburg, consists of a team of around 70 architects who are dedicated to their craft and to creating new spaces where people can meet and grow together. With an analytical approach and profound craftsmanship that has helped to establish ingenious buildings around Sweden, the team creates a meaningful impact for the city and its inhabitants.

Reflex Arkitekter: Change is on the horizon

Left: Expo 2020 Dubai. Photo: Rory Gardiner. Right: Marco Folke Testa. Photo: André Eriksson

The holistic approach

“We need buildings where you can approach the city from different levels. We can’t keep building sky-rises without opening up access to the top floor for the people. It’s about giving back to the inhabitants of a place and allowing a flow between spaces – vertical as well as horizontal. We design our buildings to seamlessly complement their surroundings, while also standing out from the crowd,” says Marco Folke Testa, CEO and architect.

The company has been part of a number of awe-inspiring projects and was the firm behind the Swedish pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. As a company that believes in sustainable materials, reusing and innovating for the next generation, they provided an all-wooden edifice to the international event. It was an homage to the peaceful and life-giving Swedish forest, utilising a material that is gaining ground around the world: Swedish wood – a strong, versatile material that not only saves CO2 during production, but also captures it.

Gothenburg welcomes Kineum

Gothenburg is evolving, and so too is the cityscape. Reflex is proudly presenting Kineum, an ingenious building that has been in progress since 2014. Kineum is a celebration of movement in its very literal and figurative sense, with a name derived from the Greek ‘kineo’ – meaning ‘to set in motion’. The elegant grid net that embraces the glass-clad building is a celebration of Gothenburg, its traditions and close-knit connection with the sea.

“It’s built with a purpose: to become one with the city. The grid net is a play on the fishing tradition and engineering history that runs deep in Gothenburg. We want it to become an integrated part of the location, to engage people, because we believe that this is the true purpose of a building: the organic exchange between the city and its inhabitants,” says Testa. Kineum stretches 28 storeys high and will be officially opened in November 2022.

Reflex Arkitekter: Change is on the horizon

Kineum. Photo: Markus Esselmark

A place for movement

Kineum provides a space that promotes dynamic progress, interesting encounters and relaxing getaways. A bustling environment of offices, as well as a new hotel with a restaurant, bar, pool and spa, will welcome holiday guests and daily visitors. Jacy’z is the prestigious hotel that will inhabit the bottom and top levels of the building – the crowning glory where visitors can enjoy a drink by the Miami-inspired pool, while enjoying the majestic view and atmosphere. The boutique rooms provide an equally breathtaking view over the city, for a perfect city getaway.

The attractive offices provide a close connection to the hotel, offering an added layer of workplace luxury via exclusive meeting rooms and services. “The house is designed for a flow of activities. The way that the hotel embraces the office space from both lower and top level creates this dynamic energy that runs through the building. It makes for an exciting stay on a trip to Gothenburg, as well as a beautiful everyday for office workers, which has become increasingly important after the pandemic,” says Testa.

The building has already caught local attention and, as per Gothenburg tradition, a witty nickname is on the horizon. “We’ve already heard a number of options, ‘Kexchoklad’ being one of my favourites. We see it as a welcoming sign that we are becoming a part of the foundational structure of the city, while also increasing its wow-factor. That’s when we know we have succeeded,” Testa concludes.

Reflex Arkitekter: Change is on the horizon

Kineum is the latest addition to the Gothenburg skyline. Photo: Markus Esselmark

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