Restaurant Alimentum is dedicated to cooking high-quality gourmet food that will satisfy your taste buds. The atmosphere is cosy, welcoming and relaxed. Here, there is no need for high heels and a suit and tie. Sustainability is at the heart of everything Restaurant Alimentum does, which is reflected in an ever-changing menu that is entirely determined by the seasons.

Situated in the beautiful Music Quarter close to the adorable hotels, Pier 5 and Kompas Hotel Aalborg, Restaurant Alimentum could not ask for a more perfect location. Alimentum is the Latin word for food or nourishment, which is exactly what you will find when you dine there: tasty food that will leave you feeling nourished, happy and pleasantly full.

“It is important to us that people experience a relaxed, welcoming and cosy atmosphere when dining at Alimentum. They should have a good time when visiting us. We are anything but snobbish. The waiters even wear different shirt colours to signal that we are a laid-back restaurant,” explains Simon Kvist Bjerre, co-owner of Restaurant Alimentum.

He continues: “however, the food and wine is top notch. We pour our heart and soul into the food, and everything is made with the utmost attention and care. The chef presents the food to the guests as we feel it is important that the person who cooks the food is also the one who serves it.”

Restaurant Alimentum: Gourmet food in a relaxing, down-to-earth atmosphere

Bringing back the joy of cooking

Restaurant Alimentum was founded in 2019 by the two friends and business partners Simon Kvist Bjerre and Søren Birch. They both longed for a different lifestyle with more family time. They wanted to create a stress-free work environment with joy and fun at the centre.

“So many people experience burnout in our industry, and we thought to ourselves that there simply has to be a better way to run a restaurant. Søren and I both wanted a more comfortable life, and we no longer wanted to work day and night. That is how Alimentum came to be,” explains Kvist Bjerre.

In the beginning, Kvist Bjerre and Birch had no plans to open a gourmet restaurant, but they soon realised that this was their true passion. Restaurant Alimentum quickly became so popular that the owners had to expand the restaurant.

“The old part of the restaurant has a very raw, urban vibe while the new part has more clean lines. It is a fusion between city life and country life,” says Kvist Bjerre.

Restaurant Alimentum: Gourmet food in a relaxing, down-to-earth atmosphere

Fresh, tasty and in-season food

The fusion between city life and country life is no coincidence. Since day one, sustainability and taking care of nature and our beautiful planet has been at the forefront for Kvist Bjerre and Birch. Restaurant Alimentum primarily focuses on vegetables, seafood and produce from the local area.

“We cooperate with an organic farm called Lille Østergaard in Vendsyssel. Our chefs are regularly out in the yard to harvest, weed and plant. We have a total of 10 acres with about 60 different crops,” says Kvist Bjerre, and continues: “our goal is to be self-sufficient with vegetables, honey, eggs, and meat. We see no reason to import food that we can easily grow ourselves. This way we get a much higher quality and it is more sustainable.”

This also means that the menu is always changing as they only serve food which is in season. The focus is on vegetables and seafood and, while meat occasionally appears on the menu, Restaurant Alimentum has made a conscious choice to lower their carbon footprint by reducing the meat consumption at the restaurant. Instead, you’ll find delicious seafood dishes and, during hunting season, venison on the menu.

“We always look at what is in season when creating our menus, and when we do decide to serve meat we make sure it is as sustainable as possible,” explains Kvist Bjerre. During the summer, guests can enjoy dishes like white asparagus with Fjord prawns and an asparagus-peel sauce. Or how about stuffed sole, mussel souffle and a sauce made with smoked butter? No matter which dish you choose, one thing is for sure: it will make your taste buds very happy.

Restaurant Alimentum also has its own wine shop called Alimentum Vinkælder, where you will find a wide selection of wine, beer and liquor.

Restaurant Alimentum: Gourmet food in a relaxing, down-to-earth atmosphere

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