Having friends over? Take the stress out of hosting with a smorgasbord of marinated delicacies, snacks and tapas trays from Swedish-born Ridderheims. Easy to serve and even easier to enjoy, Ridderheims’ line-up of palate-pleasing nibbles can be mixed and matched to cater for everyone’s taste – even the fussiest of guests.

With a helping hand from Ridderheims, you can feel smug knowing you’ve delighted your friends without hours of cooking. After all, spending time together and catching up over a nice bite or two (or ten) should be easy, fun and stress-free.

“I think the real beauty of Ridderheims is that it’s everything but pretentious,” says Malin Gröneberg, key account and export manager at Ridderheims. “The brand is built around inclusivity and encourages people to get together and enjoy the little things in life. It’s simple really!”

Ridderheims: Live the tapas life

Try a tapas tray

Perhaps most popular within the brand’s range are its four, ready-to-eat tapas trays. Each is made with a mix of Mediterranean-style charcuterie, dips, olives or other marinated delicacies, and work great on their own or served together. Feeling spicy? Get your hands on the Mix Clasico tray for a combination of pomamore (roasted tomatoes with basil), cabanossi (a type of smoked salami with garlic) and aioli that’ll send your tastebuds dancing.

Thanks to a high demand, there are also more tapas trays in the making. Think classic Swedish flavours but with a Spanish touch, and you’re getting close to the next launch in Ridderheims’ pipeline. Of course, this new product will be made with the highest level of taste and quality, as has become synonymous with the brand.

Ridderheims: Live the tapas life

“Ever since Ridderheims was founded some 35 years ago by high school friends Christer Ridderheim and Peter Grönvall, innovation has been at the heart of the brand,” explains Gröneberg. “We’re constantly looking at the market and trying to create new products that’ll meet the needs of savvy consumers. In fact, we’ve been creating industry trends reports since 2007 together with Kairos Future, looking at what trends help shape our food, people and community. It’s something we love doing as a team, but it’s also great to know that our hard work is appreciated by anyone curious about the world of food.”

In line with their continued drive to move forward, the team at Ridderheims is now looking for possibilities outside of Scandinavia. The goal is to partner up with more traders around Europe, and to bring Ridderheims’ Swedish tapas to peckish people everywhere.

Ridderheims: Live the tapas life

Fancy a beer sausage?

Regarding innovation, you can’t talk about Ridderheims and not mention Sweden’s famous beer sausage. Described by some as a national treasure, beer sausage was first created by the dynamic duo who founded Ridderheims all those years ago as one of their very first products which is as popular today as it was then. As the name suggests, this snack-style treat tastes wonderful paired with a cold beer and is available in lots of exciting variations, such as Hot Amigo (which is flavoured with chilli and pepper) and Mini Devil, a super-spicy sausage with jalapẽno. For something less hot, there’s Cheezez – a mild sausage flavoured with, you guessed it, cheese.

Then of course, there is the brand’s selection of sauces, dips and marinades. Ranging from salsa and cheddar dip to marinated garlic cloves and artichokes, there are plenty of taste jackpots to be had as part of your tapas, or to be incorporated into other dishes, should you feel like it.

Food for all

As anyone and anything, Ridderheims has changed and grown as time has passed. A highlight of this journey is the significant rebrand that occurred a few years ago. “Our mission for Ridderheims has always been that it’s a brand for everyone, and to inspire the good way of life. To match this sentiment in our look and feel, we refreshed the entire brand and all our touchpoints to really help tell that story of joy, inclusivity and convenience,” says Gröneberg. “We’re a social-first brand and want that to really shine through in everything we do”.

So, the next time you’re planning a social gathering, fill your table with Ridderheims deliciousness and be ready for all the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ that are sure to be heard. And the best thing about Ridderheims and tapas? You simply can’t go wrong.

Ridderheims: Live the tapas life

Web: www.ridderheims.com
Instagram: @ridderheims

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