With some of its buildings nearly 400 years old, a trip to the stunning Romantik Hotel Walhalla makes for a truly exclusive experience. It’s an ideal stopover when travelling to or from Scandinavia, but with the hotel’s historic charm, high-end facilities, and heartfelt warm welcome, you could easily be persuaded to stay for longer.

Romantik Hotel Walhalla is located in the old part of Osnabrück, a medieval German town with an old market square and stepped gable houses. The hotel’s grand main building was built in 1690 and almost 200 years later the inn, previously known as the Ratsschänke (The Rat’s Tavern), was given the name Walhalla. It was named after ‘Valhalla’, the great hall of the fallen gods in Nordic mythology, symbolising the hotel’s impeccable hospitality.

Romantik Hotel Walhalla: the perfect place to stay in the heart of Osnabrück

“Osnabrück is a pretty town with plenty of history,” says managing director Andreas Bernard, who has run the hotel for 30 years with his wife Tanja. Over the years, the hotel has expanded and seen several improvements, all with great attention to detail. The couple has stayed true to the atmosphere and has treated all renovations with utmost respect for its history.

This magnificent hotel is medium-sized with space for up to 120 guests and comprises eight buildings including three restaurants, meeting and conference facilities, and a spa. The 69 rooms are all different in style and size yet decorated to the same high standard that is evident throughout the hotel; from rooms and restaurants, to the spa, and the quality of service.

Romantik Hotel Walhalla: the perfect place to stay in the heart of Osnabrück

When celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia in 1998, the hotel hosted all European Kings and Queens, and Queen Silvia of Sweden visited Romantik Hotel Walhalla no less than three times.

Easy access to major road and rail networks makes Romantik Hotel Walhalla ideal for a stay when travelling to or from Scandinavia.“Many visitors stop over on the way to or from other destinations, but there is plenty to do and see right here,” Bernard says. Osnabrück is more than a handy break on a journey, with its charming buildings and picturesque town centre. So whilst your intention may have been to stay for one night only, you might want to book a few extra days and leave time to enjoy what this beautiful, historic town has to offer.

Romantik Hotel Walhalla: the perfect place to stay in the heart of Osnabrück

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