At Rønnede Kro (Rønnede Inn) on Southern Zealand, about an hour south of Copenhagen, you can expect a fantastic dining experience that is worth the drive. The food is made mostly from local produce and is always of the highest quality. Your taste buds will thank you for coming here.

Rønnede Kro is an inn with a history that dates back to the 18th century, and it has always had a central location along the old highway that through generations has connected the southern parts of Zealand with Copenhagen. “The inn was royally privileged, which meant that it must always open its doors to travellers and be able to accommodate them, and also comply with the needs of their horses,” explains Anders Holst Nielsen, head chef at Rønnede Kro.

Throughout the years, the purposes of the inn have been many. It has been a post office, a telegraph station and a merchant, just to mention a few – quite the busy place. Since 2015, Silje Brenna and Jonas Mikkelsen have been the tenants of Rønnede Kro as well as Hotel Frederiksminde and Hotel Baltic, all of which are a part of MINDEVÆRDIG.

Rønnede Kro | Traditional Danish food with a twist... | Scan Magzine

But it is not only the history of Rønnede Kro that is rich – so is the food. “The food here is delicious. We are truly passionate about creating fantastic food. Because it is an old, historic inn, most of our food is old, traditional Danish food, but with a modern twist,” says Holst Nielsen.

At Rønnede Kro, they also care deeply about animal welfare, so don’t fret: every single animal has lived a happy life. “Animal welfare and sustainability are very important to us, which is why we only buy meat and fish that we know is local and from a place where they have cared for the animals. All our fruit and vegetables also come from local farms – the majority we get from Kildemarksgården,” Holst Nielsen explains.

Though the inn was recently renovated, it has been kept in the old inn style. It is informal, meaning you don’t need fancy clothes – although you certainly can dress up if you wish to! “The atmosphere is relaxed. We have room for everyone here. The place is beautiful and historic, and everyone is welcome,” smiles Holst Nielsen.

Rønnede Kro | Traditional Danish food with a twist... | Scan Magzine

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