Despite its location deep in the heart of the South Jutland countryside, Rurup Gårdbutik (farm store) sells its products to quality-conscious food lovers all over Denmark. On the farm, owner Ove Baagø and his dog Sigurd are ready to help shoppers find the perfect cut of meat – and a wine to go with it.

In 1997, a traffic accident forced Ove Baagø to leave his job, but sitting in his armchair reading the newspaper all day was not an option for the hard-working Dane. Baagø, who had a small herd of beef cattle on his farm, therefore decided to begin selling home-grown strawberries and potatoes along with his meat. Two years later, he opened up a shop, selling a selection of high-quality hung meats, fresh vegetables, wine and pottery, and today, the store’s
groceries are dispatched to the whole of Denmark. “We have a lot of visitors from Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand in the area. And often, once they’ve been here on holiday, they take a large hamper of food home and then order the next one online,” the 65-year-old explains. The shop’s produce range includes not only meat from local beef cattle, but also specialty meats from all over Europe including boar, quail, and horse. Most products
are available to order online, where shoppers can also find suggestions for recipes. However, a trip around the premises itself is required to get the full farm store experience – complete with owners Baagø and Sigurd the labrador.
Rurup Gardbutik

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