Norwegian artist Moyka is back with her first release since 2021’s debut album The Revelations Of Love. And mercifully, she’s not lost any of her propensity for producing bangers in that time! Sizable beats and maxed-out synths see to it that this comeback is one we won’t be forgetting for a while, with new single Rear View akin to something that Robyn could have a global hit with.

Sweden’s LOVA is out with a brand new tune And The Oscar Goes To. The follow-up to I Raised Your Boyfriend takes that song’s lead and goes full speed ahead with the grunge-pop sound that its predecessor hinted at. This is a production to play loud, not least to pick up and appreciate the nuances of self-deprecation that LOVA has brilliantly peppered the lyrics with.

Convenience is the debut single from a fresh new Danish popstar on the block – MAGLY. It’s a punchy pop tune with a sunny disposition, sounding like it’s making an early play for song-of-the-summer on Danish radio. And with a melody like that in its chorus, how blessed those Danes will be this summertime, if that pans out!

Norwegian artist Maria Mena is back, and she’s taking things up-tempo! New single Not Worth It is a joy to listen to – an unashamed declaration of being “too old for this shit”, a rallying cry to “take our dignity back”, and a scathing but seemingly well-deserved obliteration of the character of pretty much all men everywhere. Oh, and a thoroughly enjoyable pop tune, while it’s at it.


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