Tove Lo has just announced the autumn release of her new album Dirt Femme. It will be her fifth but, rather excitingly, the very first under her own record label. On it, she will explore “the intricacies of her femininity” – without the interference of higher-ups, this time. New single True Romance is a welcome taste of what’s to come: an unfiltered tale about awkwardly falling for someone you know you shouldn’t, with a vocal delivery that incorporates all the passionate peaks and lows that come with such a scenario.

We have new music from one of Finland’s best popstars Jannika B – she’s back with her latest single P.A.S.K.A. In terms of musical references, this song has got it all. At least all the good stuff, anyway. Bombastic rock, ‘60s girl-band fabulosity, and hardcore electro, combined into a creatively brilliant pop tune. It’s a kitchen-sink approach that might read questionably on paper, but which has paid off on record.

Norwegian pop superstar Dagny is back again and, indeed, banging again. On her new single Brightsider, she explores being someone who always looks on the bright side.

The bright side is the sole side to this song, however – no darker sonic realms. This euphoric pop number features drums beaten even harder than her usual, in an attempt to be heard over the ambitious melody of the chorus. All light, absolutely no shade.

The seasonally topical focus on light continues (and concludes beautifully) with Swedish duo Pure Shores, and their new release Light Of My Life. It’s an upbeat track with both feet planted unwaveringly in the sounds of the ‘80s. It eschews the usual neon hues that come with modern-day songs inspired by that era, and instead gives us a celebration of the carefree beats that represented commercial pop radio at that time. This song deserves to be a mainstay on today’s commercial pop radio!

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