Swedish singing and songwriting talent Nea is back with a brand-new tune for us to get into – and get right into it you well and truly should! This isn’t like anything else out there at the moment. On A Lover Like Me she pairs a throw-modesty-to-the-wind lyric about how great a lover she is, with a wonderfully eccentric production that takes ’60s soul sounds and lets them run riot with the music software of today. The end result is a hell of a lot of fun!

She delivered one of the best albums of 2022, Dirt Femme, but she’s not done with us just yet. Tove Lo is back with a new single – Borderline. And in keeping with that recent album of hers, this new tune has plenty of bang under its bonnet too. Tinged with a retro-chic funk, the song actually is a writing collaboration between Tove Lo and global superstar Dua Lipa.

Danish artist Drew Sycamore is back with some sensational new sounds via her latest release In The Club. Said sensations are those of pure, unadulterated, dancefloor euphoria. She’s spliced retro synthpop with modern-day techno-pop and thrown in some ’80 ball-scene bang for good measure. All the ingredients have come together beautifully though, and we’re presented with a fierce floor-filler that’ll stay with us through 2023.

Swedish artist LOVA has got a story to tell on her new song. I Raised Your Boyfriend is a brilliantly cutting ode to the new girlfriend of her ex – the man she helped mold into the apparent catch he is today. As well as lyrical perfection, she’s also got the gorgeous pop melody sorted, backed by a soft-grunge production. Clever in composition, simple in delivery – this is a terrific listen.


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