“Hey there Madonna…Won’t you be my Mama?” trills Denmark’s biggest popstar right now, Drew Sycamore. She’s named her new single Madonna after the all-time Queen of Pop, and dedicated to her a suita bly banging bit of disco-house with a bouncy pop chorus. This pairs perfectly with Drew’s previous release, Electric Motion – if you’ve yet to check it out.

She went independent, and ended up making her best album to date. Sweden’s Tove Lo is back with her fifth album, Dirt Femme – her first to be released on her own label. It’s that rarity of an album that we all hope to experience from our favour ite artists – where you can press play, and never have to go anywhere near the skip button. Each track is essential, pulling you back and forth between disco decadence and disco damage. It’s a ride – one to keep getting back up on – and a real contender for Album of the Year.

She co-wrote the song with him for his lat est album, Playlist, and now Nea has gone and jumped on a new recording of Dance For Me, turning it into a duet for Benjamin Ingrosso’s brand-new single. It’s been gift ed a whole new production too, pairing the ABBA-esque melodies with an even more dancefloor-friendly backdrop.

Hailing from Aarhus in Denmark, duo ROYA consists of songwriter and singer Line Gade and producer Sebastian Igens. Kinda Sad is their new single – their third release to date – and it kinda slaps, in that low-key electronica way that dazzles you into action. In this case, it inspires you to get yourself out of the sads, and to just get over it in general.

Finally, another new artist from Denmark. Flavio has cast his net as far back as the ’80s, to find inspiration for his second single, Aiming On You. It’s a beat-heavy, synth-soaked uplifter that plays out like it’s taken from a pivotal scene in a film from the same iconic era.

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