Sister duo PRISMA, hailing from Denmark, have hit new highs with their new single. Delightful in its simple, carefree mission to stimulate the endorphins, Bangs wears all its sonic eccentricities proudly on its sleeve. It’s a tune to rave to – and not fret about how silly you might look while doing it.

Danish artist Bathsheba is back with her latest single Something About Her. It’s a mid-tempo ballad that makes a big impact right away, without ever seeming like it’s trying. This is not just through her intentionally fragile vocal delivery of the song’s rousing melody, but also via the lyrics – which tell the story of her head being unexpectedly turned by, and thoughts consumed by, someone of the same sex.

It’s been half a decade since we last got a solo release out of Norwegian pop icon Bertine Zetlitz. Brand-new single Soft Hurt is an intriguingly composed marvel of a tune with a production that at first seems to be proceeding with caution so as to match the uncertainty spoken of within the lyrics, before evolving into a much more confident beat with echoes of house. It finally blossoms into a banging synthpop soundscape right in time for the all-important middle eight.

Danish songwriter to the stars Søren Emil is out with a brand-new tune of his own – his latest single Where Do You Go Tonight. It’s a pretty cool pop offering that you can fall for in a big way upon the first listen. The song is atmospheric, to the point that it almost borders on unsettling, but the production and his vocals keep a lid on studio tricks to ensure a super-smooth finish.

Let’s finish with a bang! I Feel It In The Wind is the latest release from Swedish duo Smith & Thell. A rip-roaring country-pop romp with a melody that gives the sads, paired with a lyric that encourages hope. Sounds like their next big domestic radio smash – the latest in what’s becoming a long line.


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