September’s best new Scandi music

Röyksopp have reunited with Susanne Sundfør for a big highlight from their brand new album Profound Mysteries II. On Oh, Lover, we’re treated to a luxurious disco soundscape that’s been given an industrial-electro makeover by the Norwegian pioneers of synth. Susanne, meanwhile, delivers a wistful vocal about the should I/ shouldn’t I scenario of getting in touch with a former flame who, once upon a time, gave her all the feels. We’ve all been there.

For Tirsa are a brand-new band consisting of eight members (six Swedes and two Icelanders). All of the band are songwriters in their own right, having previously written for other artists in the Nordics and in Asia, and now they’ve come together to release their debut single – Open Your Eyes. It’s a rousing, uplifting bop that’s rooted in Nordic folk music, but with its head way up in the pop clouds we all love to frequent. They say they wanted to pair Swedish melody with Icelandic angst, and I would say they’ve done a mighty fine job. The song gets even more enjoyable with every listen, and I’m already looking forward to hearing more from this intriguing new collective.

Ahead of the release of their fifth album Palomino (out in November), Swedish duo First Aid Kit are out with a new single – Out Of My Head. They’ve ramped up the tempo considerably for this one. Their retro, blues-y charm remains intact, but this time it’s been paired with thundering pop drums that give the song a dramatic (camp, even!) sense of urgency.

Danish pop superstar MØ is back with a dazzling new tune – Spaceman. The song is an interpretation of the global smash hit single of the same name. The Babylon Zoo song from 1996, that is – not the UK Eurovision song from 2022. She’s taken the iconic chorus and done with it what the original version famously couldn’t – paired it with a verse that you would actively choose to listen to!


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