Seven super chefs are bringing the harbour back to the locals, as Seaside Toldboden mixes exquisite gastronomy with the best techniques from the world of street food.

Imagine enjoying experimental gastronomy in an open kitchen with astonishing views over the harbour, all in a very informal atmosphere reminiscent of a street food context. That is the reality at Seaside Toldboden in Copenhagen, where seven chefs with plenty of experience from all over the world are ready to serve up their specialities.

“Our vision is to give these chefs the chance to become independent and make their own food. They are extremely passionate about their cooking, and they like to experiment, which is why you as a customer can enjoy some incredible dishes here,” says owner of Seaside Toldboden, Jesper Julian Møller.

Each chef at the gastro house has their own signature dishes, so there are plenty of plates on the menu and something to suit all tastes – from oysters, shellfish, ceviche and sushi to grilled monkfish, tournedos rossini and souvlaki, as well as the more classic burgers and chips.

Sharing the harbour

Seaside Toldboden offers high-quality gastronomy, but one thing that truly makes the place special is the way it combines the different techniques from street food. “All seven kitchens are open, so you can be just one metre away from the chefs and watch the process while they prepare your food,” Jesper Julian Møller enthuses. “Also, instead of waiting in line before being seated and served, you can order your food with your mobile phone using an online platform, while you sit and enjoy a cocktail on our heated terrace or inside on the cosy chairs with spectacular views over the harbour. To my knowledge, we are the only place in Copenhagen that mixes the best from restaurants and the traditional restaurant industry with the more informal atmosphere and techniques from street food.”

Møller adds: “We want to share the harbour with all the locals, and we want our customers to feel like they are part of the harbour. The outdoor terrace will make you feel like you’re walking on a ship deck, and inside you’ll quickly notice that the colours and materials are inspired by the Royal Ship Dannebrog, which is moored right outside our premises.”

Indeed, everything about this place is special.

Seaside Toldboden: The seven wonders of gastronomy

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