From Tokyo to Paris. From Christmas ornaments to modern vases and flowers. From private homes to high-end hotels and spas. You will find the Norwegian-Estonian home décor brand Shishi everywhere. If you happen to be in Tallinn, don’t miss a visit to Shishi’s flagship store nestled in the historical Port Noblessner.

When Mart Haber, Taivo Piller, Lili Bendriss and Linda Johnsen founded Shishi almost 30 years ago, they probably didn’t foresee that their products would one day be sold in 81 countries and that they would be decorating renowned hotels, bars, casinos and spas across the globe. Despite the massive success, the team is still down to earth and the heart of the brand is still the same; to offer fresh and interesting ideas for interior decoration.

Shishi: Creating beautiful spaces across the globe

“We really try to attract the whole planet, and we are currently available in 81 countries,” explain Mart Haber and Taivo Piller, co-founders and owners of Shishi. “Our collections include many different types of materials such as porcelain, iron, fabrics, glass, and natural materials such as cones and branches. The style leans towards minimalistic, but our products come in all kinds of sizes and colours to fit every market, yet the style stays the same.”

Shishi: Creating beautiful spaces across the globe

A world of flowers

From the outset, vases and artificial flowers have been the core of Shishi. Both Linda Johnsen and Taivo Piller are internationally recognised florists and champions in their respective countries as well as world champions, so it was only natural to focus on flowers, plants, and vases.

Shishi’s flowers and plants decorate spas, restaurants, swimming pools, hotels, and private homes internationally. “Artificial plants and flowers are perfect in spaces where there’s not enough daylight or where living plants cannot survive, such as swimming pools and spas because of the chlorine,” say Haber and Piller.

Shishi: Creating beautiful spaces across the globe

When you hear the words artificial flowers, do you think of those plastic flowers from the early 2000s that look fake? It’s time to let go of that image. Artificial flowers and plants have come a long way since. “Our artificial plants and flowers are the highest quality and true to nature. And most importantly, they look real. You shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a real plant and an artificial one, you should be fooled into thinking it’s the real thing,” tell the two co-founders.

Shishi: Creating beautiful spaces across the globe

Christmas ornaments

If flowers and plants are the heart of Shishi, Christmas is the lungs. Since the beginning, Shishi has offered yearly Christmas collections, but it was not until the 2008 financial crisis that the brand became world-renowned for Christmas decorations in all shapes and sizes. “In 2008, 60 percent of our distributors cancelled their orders, but we couldn’t cancel the orders at the factory. We had an enormous stock of goods, so we looked for new markets. We went to Christmasworld in Frankfurt and later Maison et Objet in Paris. It was a success from the start, and now we are known for Christmas,” say Haber and Piller.

Shishi’s Christmas assortment consists of five different collections, each featuring 400-500 ornaments, so there is an ornament for every taste and home. Whether you are looking for ornaments for the Christmas tree or an actual tree, you will find it here.

Shishi: Creating beautiful spaces across the globe

“After 26 years, there are endless possibilities. We are still involved with designing every single piece in our collections. And the collections change every year, as the way we live constantly changes. For instance, these days everything is much more environmentally friendly, and we use less and less plastic, especially single-use plastic,” explain the two owners.

If you are in Tallinn, don’t miss out on a visit to Shishi’s spectacular flagship store located in the historical Port Noblessner. The building was originally used for making batteries and electrical parts for submarines but has been transformed into an impressive store that will inspire you to decorate your own home.

Shishi: Creating beautiful spaces across the globe

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Shishi is available in 81 countries and participates in Christmasworld in Frankfurt, Maison et Objet in Paris, and has a permanent showroom in AmericasMart in Atlanta.

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