Ever since four food-loving friends came together to launch SIN Ramen, Stockholm’s Asian-inspired food scene has been looking perky. Not your ordinary in-and-out noodle joint, SIN Ramen is the opposite of quick and easy, encouraging guests to sit down, relax and ultimately – to slurp.

All with Asian backgrounds and a diverse range of experience under their belts, from concept-creating to launching other restaurants, the four founders felt inspired to start a new venture together, so why not ramen?

“We’re all massive foodies, and when this underground site came up, we felt that it lent itself well to a subway-style restaurant where people could escape everyday life and just indulge,” explains co-founder Lei Ye.

Speaking of indulgence, the concept behind SIN Ramen plays with the idea of the seven deadly sins. Ye wanted something that was Japanese but easy to remember, as well as sensual. “We wanted the restaurant to feel mainstream and welcoming, yet luxurious and with a twist – and SIN Ramen just worked,” says Ye.

Starting from scratch

At SIN Ramen, everything is made by hand. Various styles of noodles, for instance, are made daily by the on-site noodle master (yes, that is a real title). Depending on the type of ramen, some noodles are cooked fresh while others need to mature in the fridge for a few days ahead of cooking.

“Before things got going, we even travelled to learn about ramen and its history. We experimented a lot with using different bowls and ingredients to explore how to make the tastiest ramen,” says Ye.

The broth is also made from scratch daily, as well as the ramen toppings, all to ensure the best flavour experience in every spoonful. Ingredients are sourced from Sweden where possible, and paired with specialty Japanese ingredients that add that extra oomph to each bowl of ramen.

SIN Ramen: Sinners love ramen

Brilliant baos

Apart from ramen, SIN Ramen’s menu also features a range of Asian-inspired side dishes such as fluffy bao buns (baked by the bao master, of course) and juicy Korean fried chicken. “We also offer freshly made dumplings, which is something me and the other guys all grew up eating, so it feels very genuine,” explains Ye.

Additionally, there are plenty of great vegan and gluten-free options to try. “Our plant-based ramen is seriously good. I remember when we tested it out on a group of friends and they just couldn’t believe it was vegan,” Ye concludes.

Time for sake

Great food aside, SIN Ramen also has a drinks menu worth shouting about. The bar is staffed with knowledgeable and skilled bartenders who love to rustle up new and exciting cocktails. “Sake is sort of our signature here and we’re a great place to try sake-based cocktails, especially for those who haven’t had much of it before,” reveals Ye. “Our bartenders are playful and experiment a lot, both with equipment and ingredients, so there’s always something fun and fresh to try.”

SIN Ramen: Sinners love ramen

Setting the scene

When you first arrive at SIN Ramen, you’re greeted by a friendly member of staff before you’re seated at a table, or a sofa if you’d prefer. The kitchen is open so that you can watch the magic unfold, and you are surrounded by other guests in an intimate setting with a great buzz. You’ll hear some loungey house music through the speakers and, before you know it, you’ll have a glass of sake in your hand. “It’s tradition to pour sake from a cup and to always pour a bit too much. It’s an act of generosity,” explains Ye.

Next, you’ll choose from an indulgent menu of ramen, sides, the lot. And if there’s space, you can try something sweet from the dessert menu which is offered in partnership with a local Japanese bakery. Perhaps some decadent cheesecake or creamy mousse?

A noodle revolution

With ambitions to expand SIN Ramen eventually, the friends behind the restaurant also have a few other ideas simmering in the background. One is to open a noodle factory. “We want to improve the quality of noodles overall, using different types of grains from various parts of the country to show how much variety you can achieve, and then sell it to both restaurants and stores,” says Ye. “We’re simply looking to revolutionise the Asian food market in Sweden, that’s all.”

So, the next time you’re in Stockholm, bring your date, mates or other sinners and pop into SIN Ramen for a good time. You won’t regret it.

SIN Ramen: Sinners love ramen

Web: www.sinramen.se
Instagram: @sin.ramen.lounge

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