Only four houses down from the Royal Palace is Skeppsbron 10. A restaurant right by the quay, where merchant ships of yesteryear would land and trade precious international goods in the 1600s.

These associations are part of what makes Skeppsbron 10 so unique. Taking into account that Stockholm is often referred to as Venice of the North, the surroundings couldn’t be more stunning. “We want to connect to the worldwide merchant trading of old,” says co-owner Lowe Karlsson. “To work with spices from the whole world, and yet work with ecological and local produce.”

Skeppsbron 10: High-end dining that nods to the past in one of Stockholm’s oldest buildings

The maritime theme can be seen inside, with galleon figures, diving bells and diving helmets complementing the dining area, with a mix of 1600s Stockholm. “We’ve renovated the interior of the building and brought it up to modern standards,” Karlsson continues. “It’s an exciting contrast, to blend the modern with the rich history of the building, and still offer top-class cuisine. The slightly rustic vibe makes it a little cosier.”

There are more exciting contrasts on Skeppsbron 10’s menu. During the summer it’s more of an à la carte. “Have a main dish, a drink, small bites,” he says. “Or a three or four course meal, if you would like. There won’t be set menus, as we otherwise offer the rest of the year. And this is the first full summer we’ll be open since our grand opening in April last year; we want to make it more accessible.”

Skeppsbron 10: High-end dining that nods to the past in one of Stockholm’s oldest buildings

This means offering lunch and more generous opening hours – perfect for tourists exploring the wonders of the old part of town, Gamla Stan. Come mid-August, Skeppsbron 10 will be back to tasting menus, with snacks, starters, main dishes and desserts. ‘Classics with a twist’, as they describe it. “An example is that we flavour a Scallop Mousseline with a vadouvan, a French-Indian inspired spice mix we roast and grind ourselves, and a stuffed and deep-fried zucchini flower, served with our slow-baked and grilled cod loin with zucchini and a confit lemon and blue mussel sauce. The contrasts, the crispiness and the flavours make the difference.”

A lot of the vegetables, herbs and other ingredients are sourced from a nearby farm, with vegetables harvested on Sunday and arriving on Tuesday. The push to develop the service, sustainability, staff and working environment never stops. “There’s a steady search for sustainable ingredients,” Karlsson concludes, “to always be aware of where we can get better, both in the dining area and in the kitchen.”

Skeppsbron 10: High-end dining that nods to the past in one of Stockholm’s oldest buildings

Interior details with associations to the merchant ships that would dock outside, centuries ago.

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