Reindeer husbandry is an ancient tradition that continues to remain one of the most important parts of Sámi culture. Karasjok-based Skodi Rein was established to not only preserve this important tradition, but to continue the venison trade that has been in the Sara family for many generations.

Along with their herd of reindeer, Karen J. Utsi Sara and John Anders Sara bring out the taste of Norwegian wilderness life through flavourful, dried meat, using traditional Sámi methods. “Our venison is more than just meat,” explains Karen. “It’s a tasty experience of the arctic nature. Our reindeer graze on nutritious species of lichen and heather, making them not only flavourful, but also very healthy.”

Skodi Rein: The traditional taste of Norwegian wilderness

Karen explains that what is unique about Skodi Rein isn’t simply the taste, but also the story and care behind each product. “Our reindeer live freely in the arctic nature, and we care for and follow them every step of the way of their life cycle,” she says, “This gives the meat an authentic, natural and clean taste that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s a rich protein source, without compromise.”

Skodi Rein: The traditional taste of Norwegian wilderness

Since its establishment, Skodi Rein has been awarded several prizes, including the Venison Producer of the Year 2017 by the country’s Food and Agriculture Department. The year after, it won the Norwegian Championship gold for Best Product.

Skodi Rein: The traditional taste of Norwegian wilderness

The family business consists of Karen Utsi Sara, John Anders Sara, and of course, their large herd of reindeer.

“We’re proud to be able to provide such an authentic, traditional product to the people of Norway,” Karen adds. “Going forward, we aim to continue being a leading force within the venison industry, and to continue doing this in a way that’s sustainable and respectful of nature and tradition.”

Skodi Rein: The traditional taste of Norwegian wilderness

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