You might have come across the term slow living – meaning a lifestyle that takes a more measured approach. It encourages, but isn’t restricted to, eating locally-produced foods and consuming less, and it’s often depicted with pictures of a rustic countryside life. But the countryside might be far away for many of us, both figuratively and literally. So, how do we live slow in a city? I found the answer by translating ‘slow’ into ‘mindful for the planet and for myself’.

I opt for activities and habits that make my soul happy, and that have a low negative impact on the environment. I love reading, and I have rediscovered my love of libraries. A place where everyone is welcome to borrow books for free is radical in a society where everything has a price. Being an expat in Copenhagen, I’m thankful to be able to borrow quality books in my native language of Swedish. Rather than take libraries for granted, can we all just pause for a moment and appreciate how amazing these historical institutions are, where millions of people have learnt how to read, found a safe space, and escaped into imaginary worlds?

Another fantastic activity for mindful living is practicing yoga. I’m amazed that, in our fast-paced world, we shape spaces where adults can move their bodies together, then snuggle up with blankets, lie down and breathe collectively. You don’t always need calm surroundings for a slow lifestyle, you just need to find those pockets of air where your brain can be still for a moment.

Alejandra Cerda Ojensa is a Swedish sustainability blogger based in Copenhagen. She loves sustainable fashion, plant-based food, natural wines and music, and writes a column for Scan Magazine about sustainable lifestyle.


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