Smådalarö Gård is an exclusive destination for active relaxation, with culinary sensations, music, entertainment and personal service. The historic inn with modern comforts is the perfect place for carefree escapism from everyday stresses.

Smådalarö Gård Hotel & Spa is located in Hemviken on Dalarö, in the heart of the Stockholm archipelago. In the past, this grand white villa, originally built in 1810 by the Swedish sailor Captain Carl Peter Blom, held a status as an exclusive spot for swimming in the sea and was a popular destination for artists. Today, the inn is just as attractive, with modern comforts, 110 tastefully decorated rooms, indoor and outdoor activities, and a fabulous spa.

Smådalarö Gård Hotel & Spa An exclusive retreat in the heart of the archipelago

Right outside the door, guests can experience the beautiful nature of the archipelago – great for kayaking, cold baths, or just strolling along the cliffs. Whilst indoors, subtle lighting and soft chillout music makes for a cosy atmosphere. “It’s an idyllic location, the perfect place for some carefree escapism, with carefully selected activities and a warm, personal touch,” says Christian Madsen, hotel director.

In fact, Smådalarö Gård is one of Sweden’s biggest spa hotels with a newly-opened 2,000 square-metre spa, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna experiences, expert treatments, and much more. Here, you can lose track of time when relaxing in the light, sprawling spa lounge, by the fireplace, in the tranquil and plant-lined oasis with hanging day beds, or in the infinity pool with a view of the hotel’s golf course. The space gives a feeling of true relaxation, embraced by nature.

Smådalarö Gård Hotel & Spa An exclusive retreat in the heart of the archipelago

Relaxed luxury and true escapism

The term spa includes four important cornerstones; it should elate the senses through physical activity, spa treatments, good food and rest. “At our spa, we fulfil these four important cornerstones,” says spa manager Sabine Itze. “We believe that the future lies in forming relationships, living healthily, spending quality time in nature and breathing more.”

The spa treatments are created in partnership with Kerstin Florian, a leading expert who embraces the philosophy of outer beauty and inner health, and promotes a sense of well-being through naturally-sourced spa products, suitable for the Nordic climate. “The spa treatments are created to nurture mindfulness but also to strengthen wellbeing and peace of mind,” explains Itze. The Spa Rituals by Kerstin Florian are the perfect choice when you want the spa experience but at your own pace, and to indulge in a little extra enjoyment. Choose between the Sauna Ritual that takes place in the spa, and the Ritual To Go to enjoy in your room or when you get home.

Smådalarö Gård Hotel & Spa An exclusive retreat in the heart of the archipelago

There are certainly plenty of opportunities to unwind, including six treatment rooms, of which one is for two people, as well as Sweden’s only group-treatment room where up to eight people get insights into the philosophy of spa, as well as individual mini-treatments. “Our spa is both a social place and somewhere to breathe,” says Itze. “Following positive feedback from when the pandemic procedures were put in place, we still only allow a maximum of 50 guests in the spa at any time, which means a relaxing experience for all regardless of season or time of day.”

Live music and culinary sensations

The carefully thought-out culinary experiences are a big part of the visit too, and the history of the inn is reflected on the plate and in the glass. Smådalarö Gård has a varied offer for guests, with the restaurant, bar and café all using local produce interpreted with inspiration from the travels of the original founder, Captain Blom. “Food and drink is a part of the overall experience, and we want to create memorable moments where guests can take a deep breath, lean back and relax, but also find inspiration and get new ideas,” says Madsen.

Smådalarö Gård Hotel & Spa An exclusive retreat in the heart of the archipelago

Brasserie & Bränneri promises extraordinary gastronomic sensations morning to night, whilst Bloms Bar in the heart of the hotel has a fabulous selection of cocktails and casual meals. At the café on the jetty, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, while Petite Sabis by the tennis and paddle courts tempts with deli favourites and snacks, and the wine bar organises wine tastings. There are countless possibilities to satisfy your tastebuds.

The hotel is under constant development, and right now the focus is on exciting autumn and winter activities. For instance, this summer’s successful concept Live Music at Smådalarö Gård is slated to continue, an experience that blends unique music with a three-course dinner and one-night accommodation.

Smådalarö Gård Hotel & Spa An exclusive retreat in the heart of the archipelago

Smådalarö Gård Hotel & Spa is an all-year destination in the heart of the archipelago, only 50 minutes from Stockholm.

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