Innovation, functionality and quality are fundamental pillars for Swedish clothes brand Snoot. The company has had a very clear mission since the beginning: to provide the perfect outerwear shaped by the Nordic climate, and inspired by Italian design. While an exciting future lies ahead with new collections underway, their ambition will never slip: to pioneer functional fashion that lasts a lifetime.

Snoot was founded in 2009 by Peter Blom, also famous for founding the global brand Peak Performance. The brand’s first primary product was a functional, comfortable and technologically outstanding jacket released in a limited edition. After a successful launch, the clothing line was extended with softwear, shirts and hoodies for men, manufactured in Europe.

Current CEO and owner Erik Johansson took over in 2018, having admired the brand from a distance for a long time. “I shared a fundamental vision with the company, where we believe that an everyday jacket deserves a high level of functionality, comfort, quality and even technological expertise. Snoot embodies timeless elegance combined with supreme comfort – values I could easily get behind. They’re created for men and women who need smart wear to enable a smooth day, be it a busy work day or a lazy day at home,” says Johansson.

Timeless durability is a given throughout all Snoot’s collections, and jackets, hoodies, T-shirts and vests are created with a high level of versatility and sustainability to produce garments that will stand the test of time. Quality as well as unparalleled design are key to creating clothes made to last for years, while keeping their timeless appeal intact.

In addition to using fabrics of the highest quality, they’re also taking the lead in using recycled materials for many of their products. The company is gearing up for exciting things to come, with new collections along with extended women’s collections on the drawing board, set to be released during 2022. “We believe in innovation to progress everyday life: fashion should boost and enable you to do better, and that’s what Snoot is about. It’s classic design with a touch of Italian elegance, woven into a technologically outstanding product that provides a unique addition to the market,” says Johansson.

As things are levelling up, staying true to their DNA is vital. Maintaining their original idea while innovating to reach new heights is how Snoot continuously stays at the forefront of outerwear.

Snoot: Comfortably sleek in premium quality

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