Located in Nordland and nestled amongst blue fjords and stunning mountain ranges, Evenes offers visitors the chance to experience the natural landscape of Norway at its most pure and peaceful. With strong Sami culture, lively annual festivals, the charismatic cities of Narvik and Harstad just 50 minutes away and Sweden half an hour’s drive, this is a destination in itself and a starting point to explore the dynamic region of Northern Norway.

Evenes is home to a thriving local community. A centre of the Ofoten region in north Nordland since 1250, the municipality housed the earliest church and shop in the area and was a natural meeting place for settlers. These days, Evenes hosts events throughout the year for both locals and visitors.

Spectacular countryside and intriguing cultural events await in Evenes

One of the best-known events is Markomeannu, an annual Sami festival that celebrates Sami art and culture from all over Sapmi, the province of Sami communities located in Northern Europe. Several other festivals highlight activities as varied as milk pail throwing and the Great Boat Race, where self-made small boats compete against each other in a route that runs between the old and new bridges in the town.

Spectacular countryside and intriguing cultural events await in Evenes

Stunning landscape and activities for all abilities

Torill Helene Larsen, the head of human resources for Evenes municipality, means that the natural landscape is diverse and full of possibilities. “We have steep mountains and gentle valleys, sheltered birch forests and beautiful coastal landscapes,” says Larsen. For instance, Ofotfjord, one of the longest and deepest fjords in Norway, offers many different types of boating activities.

Local rivers are rich in salmon for fishing, and, for hunting enthusiasts, the forests teem with grouse and moose. Hiking trails are some of the best in the country. In summer, there are hikes for both beginners and more experienced walkers. And in winter, they are accessible for different types of skiers, from those looking for a challenge to others who want to experience a peaceful glide through the snow.

Extreme winter enthusiasts can visit Lilletinden, or the ‘little tooth’, Evenes’ highest mountain. Even Aurora Borealis is a frequent visitor. “Because we have little light pollution, viewing the Northern Lights above snow-covered mountain peaks is not an unusual sight,” says Larsen.

Spectacular countryside and intriguing cultural events await in Evenes

A concert at the Markomeannu festival, celebrating Sami culture.

Something for aviation enthusiasts and plenty more

For fans of aviation history and aeroplanes, Evenes became a regional transport hub when the airport opened in 1973. Nowadays, this is an advanced operational base for combat aircraft, one of three in Norway. Used by both the Norwegian Air Force and NATO, Evenes airport is under further development for a specific purpose; to act as a base for both F35 planes and P-8A maritime patrol aircraft. Investment into Evenes is rapidly expanding and by 2025, the municipality expects to be home to over 800 new employees and soldiers on the base.

And for those interested in local culture, a visit to the Gallogieddi open-air museum is a must. The museum offers visitors a taste of Sami history and culture. Explore a Sami farmyard dating back to the 18th century and learn about reindeer herding, traditionally the main source of livelihood for Sami communities. The museum incorporates a range of buildings and farmhouses, as well as a 2 kilometres long cultural trail where visitors can see different Sami monuments as they hike. The trail itself is also historically important, once acting as the road into local mountain ranges.

Ultimately, Larsen thinks the diverse experiences Evenes offers visitors make it an ideal place to spend some time, whatever the season. “Evenes has light and dark, calm days in the summer and blizzards and zero visibility in the winter,” she says. “We have lovely sandy beaches and cultural relics and memorials from the Second World War. It’s a place that those who enjoy leisure and others who seek the thrill of reaching a summit can enjoy. There’s something for everyone.”

Spectacular countryside and intriguing cultural events await in Evenes

The craggy snow-topped cliffs of the mountains near Evenes.

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