All you need for a great stay, under one roof


Food is an important part of travelling these days. At SPiS Kiruna, the team has made sure that guests can stay comfortably for the night and enjoy a tasty meal in the restaurant, have a nice ‘fika’ in the café, or buy fresh bread and other goodies in the bakery – all under one roof.

SPiS Kiruna is a hotel and hostel, a restaurant and café, and a bakery and deli. The team also runs a restaurant at the airport in Kiruna. Basically, they cater for all your needs when visiting the city or, of course, if you are one of the locals. “We are indeed committed to the mix of accommodation and food,” confirms owner Johan Stålnacke. “These days, food is such an important part of travelling, and we are adding our own twist to the experience.”

It all started with the restaurant at the airport, and soon continued with another restaurant venue in the city centre of Kiruna. Stålnacke’s younger brother is a baker and, quite naturally, a bakery was added to the SPiS concept. From there on, the step to a café was not too big, and when the opportunity to offer accommodation in the same building appeared, there was no hesitation as to what to do next.

“At SPiS, we love when things happen quickly,” smiles Stålnacke. “With our concept, we can deliver something that nobody else in the region can. It’s partly being in the right place at the right time, but we also have a true passion for hosting and for good food. When we opened, the locals were curious to experience something new, and soon after, the tourists started coming.”

The location is also great, with no more than ten minutes by car taking you into the wilderness. Winter tourism is big in the area, and many international visitors want to see as much as they can, including, of course, the northern lights. “Our strength is in adding to the complete experience, and we offer high-quality food as well as fantastic service, regardless of the season.” According to Stålnacke, guests give very positive feedback: some have been known to say, “I wish there was something like SPiS where I live!”

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