Expert makers of outdoor cooking tools, the small but mighty team behind Stabilotherm brings Swedish handicraft, quality and care to people all over Europe. It is a genuine brand with tradition and longevity at heart, simply built on a desire to inspire.

“Our mission is to inspire people to get out and enjoy the outdoors together,” says owner Fredrik Byström. “As a team, we’re passionate about cooking in nature and want to show others how easy it can be. There’s no need for a day-long hike, unless you want to of course, just walk somewhere nearby and bring a few tools and matches in your bag.”

Stabilotherm: genuinely designed for life outdoors

Nothing tastes as good as food cooked outdoors.

One such tool is Stabilotherm’s Jägarstekpanna, which translates to hunter’s frying pan. This rigid, yet light, carbon steel pan was first made in the 1980s and has remained pretty much the same since. Designed with a foldable handle which makes it easy to fit in a backpack, this pan works as well on a campfire as on the grill. Stabilotherm also has a popular collection of sustainably made wood products, such as mugs and utensils.

“We design everything here in Ulricehamn and pride ourselves on the originality and care that go into each product. We also enjoy sharing recipes and ideas with users on social media to inspire their cooking. There’s something particularly rewarding about seeing how consumers respond to our content, and of course, knowing that they enjoy our products as much as we do,” concludes Byström.

Stabilotherm: genuinely designed for life outdoors

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