Amongst towering treetops of Gudbrandsdalen in Norway, Eagle Nest Eco Lodge offers guests the rare opportunity to spend the night in the sky, surrounded by fresh air, greenery, and majestic peaks as far as the eye can see.

The hustle and bustle of city life can become draining, especially in the summer when the flow of everyday life is interrupted by the many people on summer holidays. Do you want to escape the clammy and loud concrete jungle for a while? Come to Gudbrandsdalen, where the only noise is chirping birds and humming summer evenings.

Stay at your very own castle in the sky with Eagle Nest Eco Lodge

In 2021, Ingrid Tho and Geir Lyftingsmo opened the doors to Eagle Nest Eco Lodge. A dream made possible by a skilled team and the support of Mother Nature, the lodge came to stand on a mountaintop where no one thought anyone could live, just like in the magical Norwegian fairytale of Soria Moria castle.

“While the lodge is the product of very real and hard work, the magical fairytale feeling is not lost,” says Tho. “Upon arrival, guests will find themselves immersed in incredible natural surroundings, both inside and outside the lodge.”

Stay at your very own castle in the sky with Eagle Nest Eco Lodge

With all the facilities one could possibly need, including a hot tub under the stars and a terrace with a panorama view, it’s the perfect place for anyone who wants an escape without sacrificing the comfort and luxuries of metropolitan life. “Adventure awaits on the doorstep, with hikes for all levels,” adds Tho. “Rondane National Park is close by, and if you miss civilisation, the closest town is a short drive away.”

If you’re just looking to kick back, unwind and relax, however, Eagle Nest Eco Lodge offers the possibility of getting food straight to your door, but also private yoga and massage sessions at the lodge.

Stay at your very own castle in the sky with Eagle Nest Eco Lodge

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