In 2023, Stockholm will have the honour of being the European Capital of Gastronomy. An award which, among other things, gives the capital and Sweden great opportunities to put Swedish gastronomy on the world map. The host of the gastronomic year will be none other than the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf.

“In other words, it’s quite a big thing. Hopefully, thousands of tourists will come to Sweden to discover and enjoy our amazing food and drink, much of which will be produced by members of the Swedish Food Federation. Our 800 member companies produce the lion’s share of all Swedish food and drink, and many of them are suppliers to the fantastic restaurants that will be the face of the gastronomic year.

So, if you love delicious, high-quality, innovative food and drink, Sweden is a fantastic destination to explore this year. Thousands of the world’s best restaurants and food producers are standing by, ready to delight and amaze your taste buds.”

– Björn Hellman, CEO of the Swedish Food Federation

Stockholm: the European Capital of Gastronomy

Björn Hellman. Photo: Cecilia Magnusson


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