Stokkøya Strandhotell lies tucked away on an island in Trøndelag, situated near one of Norway’s finest beaches. Surrounded by the most stunning landscapes, with a vast variety of bird and sea life, as well as serene waves, Stokkøya Strandhotell has a nature experience for everyone.

You’ll find Stokkøya Strandhotell on the hidden Norwegian pearl that is Stokkøya island. Once you set foot on the island, you’ll be met by rippling waves and a fresh sea breeze. With a tropical freshness to the air, there is no way of knowing that this beach is, in fact, closer to the North Pole than the Mediterranean Sea.

Torild Langklopp, who owns and runs Stokkøya Strandhotell with her husband, Roar Svenning, as well as her sister, Ingrid Langklopp, explains that a sense of calm washes over visitors upon arrival. “It’s like time stops,” she says. “The sound of waves, birds soaring overhead, it’s all just very peaceful.”

From tents to the tropics

The beginning of Stokkøya Strandhotell’s adventure began long before it was officially established in 2000. Roar Svenning grew up on a farm on Troningen, where his family provided accessible and simple camping spaces for campers and tourists. The waters surrounding Stokkøya have always been a place of pilgrimage for divers. Perhaps it was fate, then, when Roar and Torild eventually met at one of the divers’ meetings.

In 2000, when they inherited the sheep farm from Svenning’s parents, they were left wondering how to make a living out of the space. Ideas were exchanged, thought-wheels began turning, and a grand plan was soon set in motion. They believed Stokkøya deserved its place in the sun, and decided to make it an attractive travel destination.

Today, Stokkøya Strandhotell has caught the eye of the international press for its sustainable, contemporary design, as well as its exotic and luxurious – yet eco-friendly – nature experience.

Stokkøya Strandhotell: A chic, eco-friendly summer by the sea

Photo: Stokkøya Strandhotell

Eco-friendly and chic

From the very beginning, Stokkøya Strandhotell’s goal has been to create a gorgeous travel destination while preserving the nature that surrounds. Along with the architecture company, Pir 2, they have built chic, modern and sustainable SUB-houses along the beach, larger coastal homes, and a beautiful bar and restaurant space called Strandbaren – ‘The Beach Bar’.

“When we first built the SUB-houses, we invited master’s students from Gothenburg to help us design and create recycled and refurbished furniture from old bits and bobs,” Langklopp says. The results of the collaboration are the chic holiday homes that line the beach today.

Stokkøya Strandhotell’s team applies environmental awareness, eco-friendliness and locality to every aspect of their business, including the food and drinks service. Old, unused or inedible bread is passed on to the local distillery, where it’s used to produce world-class gin. Similarly, the hotel only uses local or on-site produce.

“We grow our own vegetables and berries and still have sheep. All our food sources either come straight from here, the ocean, or other local producers. We work with local farmers and cheese producers, and we grow our own vegetables, so our food menu is seasonal and ever-changing,” says Langklopp.

At Stokkøya Strandhotell, the staff practice composting and recycling, and encourage their guests to do the same. “We want to make the world a better place. Therefore, we really push sustainability, which is why we not only encourage our guests, but also our business partners to do the same,” Langklopp adds.

Stokkøya Strandhotell: A chic, eco-friendly summer by the sea

Photo: Per Erik Jæger

The best of Norwegian nature and entertainment

If you’re looking to spend a summer in the magical, Norwegian nature, there’s no place better than Stokkøya. In addition to one of Norway’s most beautiful beaches, the island is home to mountains and nature trails. They might not be Mount Everest, but they boast great grandeur and beauty, ideal for new and experienced hikers alike.

“On this island, we bathe and swim all year round,” Langklopp says. “The waters are also great for fishing and diving, especially free divers.” After a swim, guests are welcome to use the sauna on the beach. If a dip in the sea isn’t quite up your alley, there is more than enough space to sunbathe and dig your toes in the sand, or grab a drink at the beach bar. Stokkøya Strandhotell also hosts plenty of concerts for the entertainment of guests and locals. No matter the intention of your trip, Stokkøya Strandhotell has something for everyone.

“We offer stays of every size and for every budget. For those who want an even more nature-immersive, yet luxurious stay, we also offer glamping experiences, which include furnished, fully-fitted tents on the beach,” Langklopp says.

Despite the vast upgrades that the small sheep farm and campsite has seen, Stokkøya Strandhotell still offers sites for visitors to pitch their own tents. There is truly something for everyone.

Stokkøya Strandhotell: A chic, eco-friendly summer by the sea

Photo: Jarle Hagen

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