After months of refurbishments and eager anticipation, STUD!O has opened the doors to its new premises in Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen. On 2 December, the first guests were welcomed to sample the widely-acclaimed kitchen’s unique twist on sustainable, high-end Nordic-inspired cuisine.

Head chef and co-owner Christoffer Sørensen is elated to be back in the kitchen of this exciting restaurant, which is causing ripples in gastronomic circles in Denmark and abroad. Sørensen was awarded the Michelin Guide’s ‘Young Chef Award 2021’ after just four months at the helm of STUD!O. The same year, the renowned White Guide Denmark named him ‘Young Chef Talent of the Year’ and ranked the restaurant on its most prestigious list, the ‘Global Master Class’.

The menu comprises exquisite modern Nordic dishes, which reflect the changing seasons and local produce, and the service in the restaurant is warm and welcoming. At the very core, STUD!O’s team is uncompromisingly sustainable in their approach to food, people and the environment. Here, they care as much for their employees and guests as about where their produce comes from and how it is grown.

Manifesting ideals

“It is easy to say you are sustainable, but to put it into practice is another matter,” says Sørensen. STUD!O adheres to ‘the Manifesto’ – a declaration, signed by all employees, that describes the restaurant’s sustainability goals in relation to economy, environment and people.

“The ideals we put forward should be obvious because it is about looking after your team. It’s about caring – something we should all do,” he says. “Everyone is important, and we want every single person who works here to be happy and to stay around.” The focus on longevity and commitment supports a feeling of individual responsibility, and every person in the STUD!O family is genuinely invested in the place and its values.

From the get-go, the restaurant has been shooting for a Michelin star, but the way they achieve this is crucial. STUD!O wants to be the first truly sustainable Michelin-star restaurant, and to earn the accolade for their success in the three dimensions of sustainability – economy, environment and people.

STUDIO_5_Interior 1_Chris Tonnesen

Seasonal reflections on the menu

“I love cooking with fresh fish and seafood, using lots of vegetables and that which is growing around me,” says Sørensen. “It would be amazing to one day have a greenhouse, so we can use our own produce in the kitchen,” he continues. The menu does not change every week, but dishes are tweaked here and there over time, so the changes in the seasons are reflected on the menu.

Sørensen and restaurant manager Jesper Nilsen work closely together to come up with outstanding new dishes for the menu. “Sometimes a dish will come about because I feel inspired by a wine!” says Nilsen. But it is the local, seasonal ingredients that are the star of the show at every turn.

Down-to-earth fine dining

“It is important to us that our guests feel relaxed and comfortable and truly enjoy their visit,” Nilsen and Sørensen agree. The service and attitude at STUD!O are focused on delivering the best possible guest experience, in which everyone is made to feel welcome. “We are a high-end restaurant in terms of the food and the service we provide, but it is informal, and no one should feel out of place,” says Nilsen.

Their approach to fine dining and dedication to their core values is admirable. Throw into the mix one of the most exciting chefs to come out of Denmark in recent times, and the cracking team who run the restaurant day to day, and you have a recipe for success.

Every meal matters

STUD!O is a part of the LOCA group (‘Love before cash’), for whom sustainable gastronomy is at the core of every business, with the tagline ‘every meal matters’. At STUD!O, every meal and every guest certainly matter. The quality of the food, the wine, and the service go hand in hand with respect for the produce, the process and the people. It is a winning combination that showcases modern, high-end Nordic cuisine at its absolute finest and most sustainable, guaranteeing that STUD!O will continue its upwards trajectory.

The food speaks for itself, and people will no doubt be queuing up for a taste of this exciting new kid on the block. So, it might be wise to book a table before the next trip to Copenhagen.

STUDIO Playful and sustainable gastronomy at its finest

Left: Squid ink, seaweed, crispy chicken skin & fermented cucumber. Middle: Brown Venus mussel & soy pearls.Right: Catch of the day, white soy & yuzu

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