Sturebadet is a renowned spa in the heart of Stockholm with some deep roots. Built during the latter part of the 19th century by doctor Carl Curman, the spa boasts a rich history with a mission that remains firm: to make Stockholm, its local inhabitants and many visitors, healthier and happier, all the while providing a calm oasis within a big city.

Sturebadet is located in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Östermalm, the distinguished neighbourhood in central Stockholm, and has provided a sanctuary for wellbeing ever since its opening in 1885. The illustrious spa, which also includes a gym, restaurant and doctor’s reception, has been part of the Stockholm structure for generations. It was founded by Carl Curman, a Swedish physician who, early on, realised the healing properties of water. During a time when running water was considered a luxury, he set out on a mission to make it accessible to the public. He believed in a holistic connection between physical and mental health, meaning that if we treat our bodies well, a healthy mind will follow.

Sturebadet: Wellbeing and relaxation from inside and out

Curman’s vision and heritage remains at the very core of the business to this day and is instilled in everything they do – from treatments to architecture, food, facilities and beyond. “We believe that everything is connected. If you feel happy and content as a human being, you will work harder to create a better life for yourself as well as the world around you. A healthier society begins with the individual, and with being mindful of how you treat your body and mind. We believe that spas have a big role to play in this and we want everyone leaving our premises to feel revitalised and replenished,” says Sturebadet’s CEO Sunniva Fallan Röd.

Sturebadet: Wellbeing and relaxation from inside and out

Holistic treatments and activities

Sturebadet offers a myriad of treatments and activities in which the connection between mental and physical wellbeing are constantly in focus. One of their most special – allegedly life-changing – treatments is the Nordic Zen ritual. Inspired by the wild landscape of the Swedish north, you will spend 80 minutes in a wooden structure with the starry sky gleaming above, while being scrubbed and massaged with hot lava stones – the ultimate recipe for a rested, soothed and peaceful mind. Luxurious and invigorating products are used in all treatments – skincare brand Kerstin Florian, for example; famous for its carefully-selected ingredients that provide sheer nutrition for body and soul.

Sturebadet also has its own gym with experienced trainers who offer personal training sessions, in addition to a wide range of group activities that are expertly designed to improve physical strength and mental agility – as in the meditation and breathwork classes. In honour of its roots, Sturebadet has its own doctor’s reception where medical experts can offer a greater variety of remedies, thanks to the access to the spa. Instead of a prescription of tablets, perhaps a workout or a hydro massage bath would be more beneficial?

Sturebadet: Wellbeing and relaxation from inside and out

Listed surroundings that connect the past with the future

The spa and its surrounding facilities have been meticulously preserved and look the same as when they were built during the 19th century. After a devastating fire in 1985, the building was reconstructed, and the exquisite architectural details that so perfectly encapsulated the grand era of its construction, replicated.

Sturebadet: Wellbeing and relaxation from inside and out

Today it’s a listed building and natural materials have been used to forge a calm and serene environment. Enjoy the magnificent pool, surrounded by perfectly recreated Art Nouveau decor, or spend time in the Turkish Bath, where every detail looks exactly the same as when it was built two centuries ago.

The restaurant is another highlight, serving classic Swedish dishes with an international twist, prepared with the finest ingredients for a nutritious as well as sumptuous meal to complement your spa day. The Penthouse – a private floor designed by prestigious interior-design brand Svenskt Tenn – is available for private dinners with a personal chef. Regular visitors are offered greater access via various membership options, and the number of loyal returning visitors is a testament to the spa’s importance as a haven for recharging and revitalising in Stockholm.

Sturebadet: Wellbeing and relaxation from inside and out

Reflecting on the future, Fallan Röd says “I believe that we are moving towards a more holistic view on health – we want to find ways to feel good without artificial additives, and we are looking for mindful ways to do that. Sturebadet provides a unique and historic environment where the focus is on a sustainable approach to health – from the inside and out.”

Sturebadet: Wellbeing and relaxation from inside and out

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