From prisons to golf clubs − whatever the project is, Styleit, a Vinterbro-based interior design firm, aims to create a stress-free and enjoyable environment through an equally stress-free process.

Often, an inviting and comfortable environment is the result of a long and uncomfortable design process, but not always. In 2004, British Mercy Gill made her love for design her career, and, five years later, she founded Styleit. Since then, the company has been behind a number of stress-free renovation and design projects. Working with public and private clients, Styleit provides comprehensive interior design solutions including layouts, furniture and lighting plans, sourcing and project planning. “Styleit offers an A to Z solution. We work with our own carpenter, electrician, plumber, bricklayer and more besides. So our customers can get everything through us. Many people have so much stress in their lives, so that’s something which they really appreciate.”
The firm’s approach has proved successful in a broad range of projects, from the prison guards’ offices at the Ila prison to Gjersøen Golf Club. “What we had to do at the prison was to create a simple and functional space for the guards to do their administrative work. But, as working with often depressed or violent prisoners means that the guards might have had a rough day, we also wanted to make it a bit more playful, make it a space where they could come to talk, and relax a bit,” says Gill.

In recent years, a strong collaboration with British furniture maker Neptune has led to an increase in private projects for Styleit, including a number of kitchen and bathroom projects. Whether it is a private villa, a prison office or golf club, the goal is always the same. “We wish to create an atmosphere, not just nice designs or nice pieces of furniture and colours, but an atmosphere in which people enjoy being,” says Gill. “We’re seeking a better version of better, not just in regards to products, but also services and ideas − to make life easier for our clients. That’s also why we work so well with Neptune, because at the heart of what they do are products that improve people’s lives, make them happy and comfortable.”

Styleit is the sole distributor of Neptune furniture in Norway.

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