Be moderate when you start training.
Don’t go from doing no training to two-hour daily gym sessions. Start with going for two sessions a week, and make that part of your routine. Try out different things, find out what type of training you enjoy and can see yourself doing weekly. Once that is in your routine, up the frequency intelligently. Get a trainer, join a class or get an exercise programme online – there are so many options. Use them.
Change your diet bit by bit.
Same as with the training, do not do a diet flip over night. Start by changing your breakfast and snacks. Get used to that change. Then change your lunch. Then your dinner. The main reason why so many give up when changing their eating habits, is that too many changes are introduced too fast.
Be positive.
Do not tear yourself down if you cannot do everything perfectly straight away. Try your hardest but do not be hard on yourself. Where is the fun if you could do everything straight away? Set small training and nutritional goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Celebrate each victory!
This is a life change – so make it last.
You want to optimise the quality of your life in the long run – not just for June. If the main reason you are making this change is weight loss, then do not get disheartened if you do not reach your ideal weight in four weeks. Do not be impatient. Make this change in the right way and you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life.
Make training a part of your life.
Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Train with your kids, your partner, your friends. I do different obstacle races throughout the year with my friends and my daughter is joining me for the next one. This is a great way to train towards goals and enjoy an amazing satisfaction when you finish a race.

Svava Sigbertsdóttir is the founder of the Viking Method – an exercise regime that leads to visible, instant results.

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