Since its founding, The Glass Factory has continuously broken new ground. With an innovative and interactive approach to the art of glass, the glass museum is creating a meeting place for visitors, international artists and designers.

The Glass Factory was founded in 2011 and is home to Sweden’s largest collection of art glassware, consisting of over 50,000 pieces. The glass museum focuses on interaction and invites visitors to take part in workshops, shows and activities for children. “We have two permanent and ten temporary exhibitions during the year,” says museum director Maja Heuer. “There is always something new for both the regular and the first-time visitor.”

The Glass Factory also works as a meeting place for product development and international collaborations. The dedication to research and new techniques is stressed as Heuer describes the museum’s work: “Our vision is to develop and strengthen the position of glass by encouraging collaborations where people from different countries meet,” she explains. “There is so much knowledge that could contribute to a sustainable development for glass.”

The factory has a history of exciting programmes, and this year is no different. Heuer highlights two temporary exhibitions: Knowing-seeing-painting and Blomsterbuketten. Contemporary 3D-printed objects and painted glass are showcased in the international exhibition Knowing-seeing-painting, which features glass by 17 artists from five different countries. Blomsterbuketten, meaning ‘the flower bouquet’, is an exhibition by the artist Zandra Ahl and shifts attention to the cultural context of the flower vase. Together, they are a part of an exciting and dynamic museum that puts the visitor at the centre.

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