Watch out, Stockholm has a new hub for foodies. In February, Banger opened as the first restaurant concept in MESS – and became an instant hit. From the beginning of May, you have the chance to try Sweet Charity Brunch in collaboration with pastry chef Elisabeth Johansson, and more is on the way.

MESS is a new restaurant hub where people can meet, eat, be entertained, entertain and get new influences and experiences. The 1,250 square meter premises in the centre of Stockholm will house several unique restaurant concepts and a dynamic event space. Visiting MESS will be like going on a journey; from fast to slow, from affordable to luxury, from after work to fine dining. It’s going to be a bit messy, but that’s the whole idea.

The Mess: New ground-breaking venue in Stockholm

The team behind MESS wants to make Stockholm’s culinary scene feel new, fresh and vibrant, with rowdy influences. The idea to house several restaurants under one roof is new in Stockholm. And no, this is not a food court, nor a nightclub. Each restaurant will have its own space and identity, created by separate interior designers, but the concepts will complement each other.

“Our vision is to broaden the experience of what a restaurant can be,” says Jimmie Hall, co-founder. “MESS is a dynamic hub where people can meet up and enjoy new culinary experiences. We want to create an exciting restaurant mix that surprises the audience, something with heaps of energy and great vibes.”

The Mess: New ground-breaking venue in Stockholm

Luxury hotdogs at Banger

First out in the MESS family of restaurants is the bustling Banger, which opened in February this year. The concept brings hotdogs into focus, with luxury versions of our beloved bangers in a vibrant atmosphere, to be devoured with friends for lunch, dinner or during an all-nighter.

With around 13,000 sausages sold so far, this is a sure hit and has become the hotdog arena in Sweden. ”Banger is a fun new concept,” says Hall. “To put it simply, it places hotdogs right at the centre of things, in a cool restaurant environment. But it’s so much more. You can have a straightforward hotdog or go all the way with a flashier version topped with lobster and truffle foam. And always with the best ingredients in Sweden.”

Bangers is a colourful oasis with a fun vibe. Here, you can enjoy “Bubbles & Bangers”, a champagne and sausage-themed evening every Wednesday. By the way, did you know that champagne brings another dimension and actually elevates the flavour of sausages?

Or pop by for an after-work, with selected DJs spinning the plates for a lounge feel. “In our view, you can eat sausages any time of day; for your hotel breakfast, when out and about in town and in need of some energy, as a tasty sausage-based lunch dish, or even as a well-needed night-time treat served at a wedding.”

The Mess: New ground-breaking venue in Stockholm

Cool café and sweet brunch

In October, a new café will open its doors in collaboration with pastry chef Elisabeth Johansson, known from the TV show Hela Sverige Bakar, which is the Swedish version of the Great British Bake Off. This new concept will function as a café during the day, with fabulous service and tasty treats, and in the evening it will transform into a bar.

From the beginning of May, you can get a taste of Johansson’s delights at the new brunch concept called Sweet Charity Brunch, hosted one Sunday per month by restaurant Banger. “This new brunch is a delight for your taste buds as well as your heart, as half of the profits will go to charity,” says Hall. The chosen charity is Solvatten, which has developed a method to bring safe and hot water to people living in developing countries. “With something sweet, salty and sour on the menu, this will be Stockholm’s best brunch!”

Next spring will see a new restaurant dining concept at MESS. Stay tuned for more on this messy but irresistible new venue in Stockholm!

The Mess: New ground-breaking venue in Stockholm

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