Norway is not a very big country, but it is the world’s second-largest exporter of seafood. Despite this, the general knowledge of this growing industry is low amongst Norwegians, especially in Oslo and the surrounding areas in Eastern Norway.

Petter Sandberg decided that this had to change. He is the founder of Alex Sushi, which has consistently been one of Oslo’s best sushi restaurants for over 20 years. Aino Olaisen is chairwoman of the board at Nova Sea, a salmon farming company based on the Helgeland coast.

The Salmon – from sea to mouth

Learn everything about salmon at the knowledge centre.

Together, they created The Salmon in Oslo. It is a unique concept. Not your regular seafood restaurant, but a restaurant with a free knowledge centre.

A tour of the centre starts with an introductory video, followed by seven stations with interactive screens in Norwegian and English. “We have guides, for those who are interested in learning more,” says Camilla Bredesen, general manager at The Salmon. “The stations include a history wall and live streaming from the Helgeland coast, above and below the water.”

The Salmon – from sea to mouth

High-quality smoked salmon from Fredriks Røkeri.

The Salmon is not a fine dining restaurant but the quality of the food and the service is. “We get our smoked salmon delivered daily from Fredriks Røkeri,” Bredesen says. The smokehouse is located across the water from The Salmon on Tjuvholmen. Only the best salmon goes into Fredrik Møller Andersen’s smoker.

Despite the name, the restaurant serves different types of seafood, from all over Norway, like halibut, oysters and scallops. The menu offers sushi, lunch and warm main courses. Something for everyone, but book in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Salmon – from sea to mouth

Salmon and sushi are a match made in heaven.

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