The story of the Swedish nut company This is Nuts began in 2012, when Ranja Maria Vardalí, who would later found the company, was working as a fitness instructor. Before leading a class, she would usually have a pre-workout drink to boost her energy. She felt her heart racing and her blood pumping, but when she started researching what the pre-workout drinks at the gym contained, she was surprised and upset.

“When I realised how much sugar and additives are in products marketed as good for us, I felt angry! I naturally believed something sold at the gym would be good for my body, but it turned out that was not the case. With the widespread health problems related to the overconsumption of sugar, companies must take more responsibility, so I used that anger to make a change and started a company that takes health seriously,” Vardalí says.

“That is how the name This is Nuts came up. We sell nuts and the name is very straightforward. We want people to know what they are putting into their bodies. There is nothing crazy about the nuts, and they contain important fats that our bodies need daily to be healthy,” she continues.

This Is Nuts: Quality nuts for the everyday athlete

A delicious variety of nutty snacks

Today they have expanded the product range to include dried fruits and berries and natural nut-based sweets. This is Nuts produces many snack variations from natural nuts to chocolate-covered salted almonds, liquorice raspberries and rum raisins, as well as bars and baking products. The raw nuts are of a uniquely high quality, and are processed and packaged in Sweden to benefit local Swedish communities. The patented toasting method comes from the middle east, and results in nuts that are evenly toasted and require less salt. The fruits and berries are organic and have no added sugars.

“Our philosophy has always been to sell healthy snack options for the everyday athlete. I have a background in fitness and health and thrive on helping people to live sustainable, healthy lives. That’s what I aspire to do with our products. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or someone who only runs to the bus – an everyday athlete – you still need high-quality nutrients,” Vardalí explains.

This Is Nuts: Quality nuts for the everyday athlete

Nuts in the workplace

After the huge popularity of business-to-business sales to hotels, catering companies, grocery stores and airlines, Vardalí is launching a new concept this year: a subscription nut box for workplaces. “We know that a lot of employers want to take care of their employees by offering good quality snacks at the office. Office workers are largely stationary during the workday, while consuming sweets and coffee during the week will cause blood sugar to rise and drop very fast. But a snack-portion of nuts will keep you motivated throughout the day and regulate your blood sugar,” the nut-loving CEO says.

Before the pandemic, the subscription boxes were trialled in multiple offices and received an enthusiastic reception. The official launch was paused due to COVID-19, and the team is now very eager to get it out to Scandinavian offices. They are teaming up with coffee-solution and facility-management companies to make it as simple as possible for employers to offer healthy energy from delicious, high-quality nuts, instead of the usual fruit, cookies or sweets.

“We hope to encourage people to live balanced lives. Not everyone has the time to exercise regularly, but we all eat every day and by eating well during the day, we can help our bodies to stay healthy and happy. As well as being yummy, a nutty snack before the gym can give you the boost you need to go and have a great workout,” she says.

This Is Nuts: Quality nuts for the everyday athlete

Ranja Maria Vardalí


Instagram: @thisisnutsswe

This is Nuts is available to order for both private nut-consumers and companies that love their employees, for delivery all over the EU.

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