Classic, feminine, timeless. These are some of the words that describe Tiina Talumees Studio, a luxury slow fashion brand nestled in the heart of Tallinn. Each apparel is carefully designed using valuable and long-lived materials, guaranteeing you a long-lasting friendship with your garments.

The journey to a feminine, confident, classy, and sophisticated you starts right here. Tiina Talumees Studio is a luxury slow fashion brand for women valuing life and sustainability. “

The world is filled with meaningless, valueless clothes that look frayed after the first use,” says Tiina Talumees, founder and owner. “The environment would benefit from people learning to use clothes long-term and make purchasing decisions not because of the price but the quality and origin of the materials. I really take that to heart. The garment’s value should not decline with time.”

Tiina Talumees Studio mainly uses fabrics from Italy, whether it’s buttery soft silk or high-quality wool. “Understandably, the consumer often falls for vain, cheap clothes that will bring them short-term joy. But what I have noticed is that there is a rise in customers who are willing to invest more in clothes that will last for years.”

Tiina Talumees Studio: Timeless classics with playful touches

Photos: Mai Grepp

The art of fashion

Tiina Talumees Studio is a deeply personal brand and has been from the beginning. Love and passion are the cornerstones. “The most powerful symbiosis for me is to find that one special place in the client’s heart and at the same time, the contentment in the designer’s soul,” tells Tiina. “As a person, I’m an artist and the composition of colours, shapes, and balance is my deepest passion.”

The designs are timeless with an edgy touch, making each piece an instant classic, free from seasonal trends. The pieces are meant to be cared for and cherished for years to come. “Femininity is a powerful force, and I love to say that my client is usually a grown-up woman, who is not shaken by other people’s opinions,” says Tiina.

Each item is made in limited quantities and sold in a limited series to eliminate wasteful over-production. Tiina Talumees Studio is available online and also offers custom-made designs.

Tiina Talumees Studio: Timeless classics with playful touches

Photo: Kristiin Kõosalu

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