Forged and steeped in an ancient style, Norway-based LYR Design are Nordic, Viking-inspired jewellers. Whether it’s ancestry, popular culture, or just interest that draws you to those olden days, LYR Design has something for you.

The Viking Age makes up a small, but significant part of not only Scandinavia’s, but the world’s history. It therefore comes as no surprise that the mysterious, action-filled period has woven its way into pop culture, TV shows and fantasy books. Historical Nordic culture is capturing imaginations all over the world, and LYR Design expresses it through jewellery.

Travel back to the Viking age with LYR Design

“We make Norse and Viking-inspired jewellery,” says owner and manager Lars Yngve Jenssen. “Some of the pieces are authentic copies of real Viking jewellery found in excavations and chieftain graves, while other pieces are inspired by or are altered versions of the real thing.”

Travel back to the Viking age with LYR Design

A journey of a lifetime

LYR Design’s journey to the Nordic past actually started on the other side of the world, when Jenssen found himself in the bustling Thai capital of Bangkok. He was impressed with the quality of the jewellery he found there, which sparked the idea to launchhis own jewellery company. In 2016, this idea became LYR Design, one of Norway’s largest Viking jewellers.

Today, LYR Design sells their products to museums, companies, and people all over the world. Jenssen says it’s not only Nordic-curious individuals that come to the store. “I think movies and TV shows like Vikings and Game of Thrones have gotten a lot of people interested in the designs and aesthetics of Norse jewellery and symbols,” he says. “I suppose there’s something fantastical about the Viking Age too, which is probably why people find our pieces so intriguing.”

Travel back to the Viking age with LYR Design

LYR Design constantly expand and develop new designs, which Jenssen says is because they continue to invest in quality and aesthetic. He says that they are also continuing to strive towards perfection in regard to customer service. Along with copies of historical pieces, Norse-inspired jewellery, and personalized pieces, LYR Design allows customers to request pieces.

“We’ve worked hard on learning more about Norse roots, symbols, and culture, but if there are any symbols or pieces a customer would like that do not yet exist, they are welcome to ask for it,” Jenssen says.

Travel back to the Viking age with LYR Design

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