Mainosvalokuvaus Turun linnassa 12. ja 16.4.2013. Kuvassa näkyvien henkilöiden nimet: Olii-Pekka Leskinen, Sara Kalske Kuvauslupa- / luvat löytyvät Turun museokeskuksen valokua+arkitosta, kansiosta "Kuvan kohteen kanssa tehdyt sopimukset".

Part of the Turku Museum Centre, Turku Castle stands on the banks of the river Aura, overlooking both the archipelago and important trade routes. “During the centuries, the castle grew, and in the 1560s it became a Renaissance palace for the Duke of Finland. The castle has served as a prison, a stronghold for the army, an administrative centre for the crown, as well as a home and workplace for many,” museum curator Susanna Lahtinen explains. Today, the castle welcomes 145,000 guests per year, many of whom take the opportunity to also pay a visit to the other points of interest, which together make up the Turku Museum Centre. There certainly is enough to please everyone in this coastal city, which boasts a wide range of museums.