Whether it’s to feel invigorated, relax or sleep better, using the sauna is now as trendy as it is traditional. Indeed, it is an ever-growing market with increasing demand, and something that sauna brand Tylö is at the very heart of. On a mission to help people feel better, Tylö delivers high-quality sauna experiences with traditional sauna, steam and infrared warmth to customers all over the world.

“Not everyone knows that Tylö is Swedish,” explains marketing manager Kajsa Nydahl. “Saunas naturally have strong connotations to Finland, but what makes our offering unique is our combi heater which gives you an experience we call Soft Sauna.”

Tylö: 75 years of redefining wellness

The floor-standing sauna heater Crown has a symmetrical design combined with elegant lighting pattern.

Unlike Finnish sauna, Soft Sauna combines a traditional heater with a water tank and works as a steam generator. This allows users to lower the sauna’s temperature to, for instance, 60 degrees (it is normally around 20 degrees higher) while raising the humidity to 30 per cent. “This combination is perfect for those who find the traditional ‘dry sauna’ too hot and harsh, as the Soft Sauna technique gives them the same experience but with less intensity.”

Tylö: 75 years of redefining wellness

Heat on your own terms

Technicalities aside, saunas are generally loved for their many wellness benefits. Perhaps the relaxing aspect is the most obvious, but there are more reasons to why we enjoy the heat so much. Some use saunas to improve their blood circulation and to sweat out any toxins. Others do it to relieve stress. And some simply see beauty benefits and improvements in the way their skin looks and feels. “To us, feeling good is the most important thing and we think saunas are a great way of achieving that,” says Nydahl.

“We’re also strong believers that heat therapy comes with a lot of positives. Some customers even say that using saunas has helped them ease various health issues.”

Tylö: 75 years of redefining wellness

Choosing Tylö is choosing flexibility. The brand offers a wide range of products and services including sauna, steam and infrared warmth which can be tailored to each customer’s needs. For instance, sauna shoppers can browse everything from doors and glass sections to wall panels and seating. There are even modular sauna rooms for fast and easy assembly. And all of Tylö’s heaters, rooms, control panels and steam generators are made in Sweden and quality tested. They’re also easy and safe to use, and beautifully designed with low environmental impact.

Those searching for an at-home steam experience will cheer too thanks to Tylö’s selection of steam rooms and showers. “A steam experience is tomorrow’s place for relaxation and wellbeing. And with speed steam, cloud connectivity and modern design, our steam products are made to fit into our customers’ modern lives,” assures Nydahl.

Tylö: 75 years of redefining wellness

Crown and Reflection

One of the newest additions to Tylö’s range is the floor-standing sauna heater Crown. Living up to its regal name, Crown has a symmetrical design combined with an elegant lighting pattern that casts a warm glow across the room, creating a serene and relaxing ambience. The eye-catching Crown grill allows optimal airflow and heat circulation throughout the sauna, making sure that users receive the full benefits of the heater´s technology.

Another newcomer is the sauna room Reflection. Designed with attention to detail, Reflection incorporates exclusive craftsmanship and advanced technology solutions for a comfortable and immersive sauna experience. The well-hidden electronics and lighting in the portal create a seamless and easy-to-use experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Another reason to opt for Tylö is the energy efficiency of the products, which can help reduce electricity consumption for both private and commercial use. For instance, Tylö heaters can heat up your sauna room twice as fast as other heaters, enabling energy savings of up to 27%. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for hotels needing tailor-made spa solutions, making Tylö a valuable partner in creating cost-effective and sustainable wellness experiences.

And although Tylö is available at hundreds of retailers globally, it maintains a high standard of quality and customer service. “Some of our distributors have worked with us for over 50 years and know our brand inside and out. It’s reassuring to know that the people who have been with us since the early days are still here, acting like guardians of the brand,” tells Nydahl. “That sense of trust also ties back into the whole wellbeing aspect of Tylö. After all, feeling good is what makes us tick.”

Tylö: 75 years of redefining wellness

The Reflection sauna room incorporates exclusive craftsmanship and advanced technology solutions.

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