A brand to look out for, Ulrikke Vogt Jewellery is synonymous with beauty and craftsmanship. Combing traditional Norwegian aesthetics with contemporary elegance, its creations truly stand out in a vast landscape of accessories.

Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of her native Norway, Ulrikke Vogt’s journey into the world of jewellery began with a deep appreciation for traditional folk patterns, often inspired by the twists and turns found in the great outdoors. Combining this with the formal training in fine arts and jewellery design that she received across the pond at Central Saint Martins in London, Vogt now creates iconic, award-winning pieces.

Ulrikke Vogt: Redefining luxury with sustainable jewellery

“I originally established Ulrikke Vogt in London, but decided to leave my workshop and return home where I then started the brand in 2014,” she says. “Since then, I’ve been creating jewellery and bespoke pieces for all sorts of occasions.”

Vogt explains that she finds inspiration everywhere, from art museums to forests. “The idea for the Lazy Lace collection, for example, was born when I spotted some pieces of lace at a market in London, and the Bud Floret collection was inspired by the buds on the trees in spring. I take these little memories and turn them into delicate jewellery.”

Because she takes so much inspiration from the world around her, Vogt prioritises quality and sustainability in her work and uses ethically sourced materials to create the jewellery. In addition to a quality that can be passed down for generations, all her work is handcrafted, meaning that no two pieces are the same, making them truly unique.

Ulrikke Vogt: Redefining luxury with sustainable jewellery

Web: www.ulrikkevogt.com
Facebook: Ulrikke Vogt Jewellery
Instagram: @ulrikkevogtjewellery

Visit the shop:
Vibes gate 18, 0356 Oslo, Norway

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