Sommarkampanj Västerbottensost (ICA). Ost, produktbild i miljö. Taste Lab studion, Pär Johansson. Uppdrag beställt av Krux.

Västerbottensost has, since the first time it was ever made, only grown in popularity and is today a much-loved, well-trusted piece of the Swedish culinary scene. In 1990, Norrmejerier, the dairy where Västerbottensost is produced, was appointed Royal Purveyor, and the cheese has been on the menu of royal weddings as well as Nobel Prize banquets. Västerbottensost has also become somewhat of a musthave feature on the Swedish seasonal smorgasbord for Midsummer, crayfish parties and Christmas. “One of the most popular ways of enjoying our cheese is by making a quiche with Västerbottensost,” says Helena Ahlgren, brand manager at Västerbottensost.