Modern-day life consists of constant impressions, noise, lights, electronic beeps, information, stress, pollution and crowds. Even though this is a world we’ve adapted to, and it mostly goes on around us all the time without us even noticing, sometimes it’s good to have a break from it all.

Vengsøy Rorbuer, located on the island of Vengsøy in the north of Norway, offers a quiet getaway for those who want a place to breathe and think, and to just exist. Whether you want to travel alone, with family or with friends, these seaside lodges make the perfect place to recharge your batteries and let your mind relax. With a small, permanent, local fishing community, there’s no traffic, no city noise, no flashing neon lights, and only one shop, providing everything inhabitants and visitors need.

Vengsøy local Maria Johansen is the brains and heart behind Vengsøy Rorbuer. Having grown up in the area, she always had a dream of starting her own venture. “To be able to work with tourists who come here to experience somewhere wonderful, is something I’ve always wanted to do,” she says, “and to be able to offer them a lodge that is cosy and homely with a stunning view – that is my passion. It is no secret that the north of Norway is full of breathtaking nature.”

Built by Johansen herself along with her husband and opened in 2018, the lodges come fully stocked with everything you need for a pleasant stay. The spacious living room has large windows overlooking the water with changing colours and sceneries every day, and at night you’ll fall asleep to the sound of the waves rolling in. The three bedrooms in each lodge all have comfortable beds and sleep up to six people at a time.

Vengsøy Rorbuer

Northern Norwegian nature and northern lights

“My vision has been for the lodges to feel like home,” Johansen adds, pointing to the rustic interior design of the lodges; the fully stocked kitchens; the hardwood floors; and the modern bathrooms. “You’ve got everything you need right there,” she says. “You won’t be wanting for anything.”

Located right on the Vengsøy waterfront, Vengsøy Rorbuer’s lodges have the sea and the mountains as their closest neighbours. From the lodges’ balconies, you can enjoy the view of the water and watch the fishing boats bring their catch back to the harbour. In the winter, if the weather is clear, you might get to see the northern lights dancing in the sky above the sea and the mountains right from the lodge balcony. But if you want an even more special experience, why not enjoy the northern lights from the hot tub? Should the aurora fail to show up, you’ll still have the stunning view of the sea to enjoy while soaking in the hot tub. Three-hour slots can be booked in advance, ensuring you get precisely the slot you want.

Johansen feels that the best way to see the northern lights is to put on snowshoes and a headlight and walk 15 minutes up the hill. There, you can make a small bonfire and enjoy the view and the northern lights by the fire.

Vengsøy Rorbuer

Getting to and from Vengsøy Rorbuer is easy. Tromsø Airport offers direct flights from London (Gatwick and Luton), Gdansk, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Munich, Helsinki and Stockholm. From the airport, it’s half an hour’s drive to Bellvik, where you’ll find the ferry taking you straight to Vengsøy. To get from the airport to Bellvik, you can choose between hiring a car or taking a taxi. The Bellvik ferry accommodates vehicles, and there are parking spots available at the lodges – but bringing a car to the island isn’t necessary, as lodges, shop and nearby hikes at Vengsøy are all within walking distance.

As for the best experience at Vengsøy? “Spend time in nature,” says Johansen. “It doesn’t have to be a long hike, or as strenuous as climbing a mountain. Enjoy having the mountain on one side and the sea on the other. Enjoy being in nature.”

About Vengsøy:

– 18 square kilometres in size
– 75 permanent residents
– Fishery
– Grocery shop
– School
– Post office
Instagram: @vengsoyrorbuer

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