A visit to the Asian fusion restaurant Waipo is like coming home. That’s how they describe it – like visiting your grandma, for a familiar experience with top-class food and carefully put-together menus.

Located in one of Stockholm’s hot spots, Mood Shopping Mall, Waipo is within walking distance of downtown’s shopping and nightlife, and will cater to all your needs. Be it a cocktail, brunch or Asian tapas, the focus remains the same: for you to come in and feel at home.

Waipo: Asian flavours with a familiar vibe

“We want it to feel like you are walking into a warm and familiar home from your childhood,” says owner and founder Michael Zhan.

The food at Waipo is best described as Asian tapas. “Sharing is caring”, Zhan continues. “It is about creating memories and moments together.”

Menus are carefully put together with thought and passion behind every dish. “They are inspired by grandmas’ recipes – homemade food,” Zhan explains. “The flavours are from Chinese cuisine, but yet more of an Asian fusion. We’ll mix our dishes with modern twists – traditional and with all the traditional flavours, but with a modern touch. We update the menu annually.”

Waipo: Asian flavours with a familiar vibe

The Asian fusion restaurant Waipo is designed to make guests feel at home.

Speaking of grandma, this is exactly what Waipo means, grandmother.

Between 11.00 and 15.00 every weekend, Waipo offers Yum Cha. “It is best known as a brunch activity, which extends from late morning until the afternoon”, he says. “You can order assorted small dishes, dim sum, steamed bao, steamed dumplings, rice porridge, for example.”

And the concept is the same – to enjoy the food together with others. We return to the key words, “sharing is caring”. Yum Cha is best complemented with a perfect cup of tea.

During the later hours, Waipo’s newly launched cocktail bar opens. “It just launched and it’s called Draken”, Zhan explains. “This is a premium cocktail bar where everything is top quality. We want our guests to sit back, have a late dinner and stay for a drink. It’s not a club, it’s a cocktail bar, transporting you to Hong Kong.”

If you’re up for a treat and a temporary getaway, you won’t want to miss Waipo. It’s the complete package. “And not only with the vibe and the decoration”, Zhan concludes. “But also with the food and the cocktails, with their unique Asian flavours.”

Waipo: Asian flavours with a familiar vibe

Waipo’s newly launched cocktail bar Draken transports guests to Hong Kong.

Web: waipo.se
Facebook: waipostockholm
Instagram: @waipostockholm

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