“Inhale, reach your arms up, and exhale, fall forward. Inhale to lengthen, and exhale to plank. Lower halfway and – oh, excuse me! I somehow forgot I was in this café. What was I reaching for again? Oh yes, this coffee. Sorry, it’s these new leggings. You know when you’ve got a new workout fit and you’re just in the zone?”

Updating your fitness wardrobe feels good – almost as good as actually doing the exercise. And while you’re at it, why not support the latest crop of ethical brands springing up in Northern Europe? Read on for Scan’s rundown of the hottest new Scandinavian yoga labels on the market.

Planet Nusa

Danish label Planet Nusa’s strong graphic branding and delicious fits have attracted a loyal fan-following, making it the unrivalled yoga brand du jour in Denmark. “Planet Nusa is a community where everyone’s welcome! It’s a place to catch up with your friends, take your dog for a walk, head to the gym, hike up a hill or whatever floats your little exercise boat,” proclaim the founders. The design is all about good endorphins, featuring creative cuts and patterns as well as classic looks, while the business prides itself on being inclusive, ethical and sustainable.


Sisterly Tribe

Sisterly Tribe is a Swedish yoga and wellness brand inspired by the notion of sisterhood. As part of its Sisterly Stories blog series, inspired by the philosophy of ‘collaborations over competition’, the label publishes interviews with teachers of various yoga styles, pilates instructors and wellness-brand founders. Sisterly Tribe’s range is broad and bright; this candy-coloured yoga set, made from recycled plastic bottles, is buttery, snug and, crucially, ‘100 per cent squat-proof’.


We Love This: New Scandinavian yoga labels


Stockholm-based Ninepine balances minimal aesthetics, form, comfort and elegance with functionality in a sweeping collection of active and leisurewear. The garments are highly adaptable, built to allow for maximum range of motion, without compromising on style. Its range of leggings featuring deep, hip-hugging pockets is an international favourite on the yoga mat, while its pillowy crew necks, super-soft tank-tops and slouchy tees have the straight-from-the-fitness-studioto-the-café market cornered.


We Love This: New Scandinavian yoga labels


The Norwegian label Ainasana was founded in response to the plastic-waste catastrophe and began as a beach clean-up initiative in Hawaii called Yoga for the Ocean. The Mindful Yoga Mat, made from recycled plastic and natural rubber, was introduced in 2021 and remains its flagship product, but today the range has expanded to include natural cork mats, blocks and bags, and aromatherapy products. With its dedication to sleek, high-quality and long-lasting gear, and a percentage of the sales profits going to ocean-cleaning projects, Ainasana is a bright example of a small brand championing ethical and circular design.


We Love This: New Scandinavian yoga labels

Yuman Yoga
Yuman Yoga’s range of premium yoga mats and accessories is inspired by Nordic nature, sporting colours such as clay, sand, coal and sage. The Swedish label creates super grippy mats from natural rubber that complement design-conscious home interiors. The all-natural cork block for performing more advanced and deeper positions is a must-have for serious yogis, while the eye pillows and meditation pillows are beautiful luxury additions to a regular practice.


We Love This: New Scandinavian yoga labels

Njálla Clothing

Njálla Clothing’s beautiful and responsibly produced yoga wear features art inspired by Nordic nature. The striking prints are based on original watercolour artworks made in Finland, and the garments are designed in collaboration with Finnish yoga professionals with a focus on comfort and mobility. Njálla’s philosophy is to ‘make a small amount of unique clothing’ and, accordingly, its range is lean, but punchy.


We Love This: New Scandinavian yoga labels

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