Danes love their bikes, that’s a well-known fact. Everyone, from politicians to rock stars and members of the royal family, is seen pedalling around on bikes that reflect their different identities. Whether it is that of a chic mother taking her children to school, a hungover bohemian visiting the local sourdough bakery or a busy world leader racing through the streets – there is a bike for all styles. And it is not just the Danes, though they might be the greatest bicycle fantasts, their neighbouring Scandinavian countries are catching up, adding even more styles and rides to the selection. We present some of our favourites.

Centurion – Centurion Helium

Forget about Lycra outfits and neon-coloured bikes. In cities like Copenhagen, you are more likely to see both bikes and bikers that match the timeless and minimalistic elegance that Scandinavian design is renowned for. One of the bicycles that well reflects the Copenhagen style is the Danish Centurion Helium, a bike that is described as “a classic steel bike with modern aluminium equipment that increases both functionality and design”. What we love is that despite its fairly modest price tag, the bike is filled with stylish details such as a retro saddle and beautifully crafted handles.

From: 6,499 DKK

Pilen Cykel, Pilen Lyx

If you’re dreaming of cruising lei surely through the landscape while exuding an air of laidback Scandinavian coolness, the Swedish Pilen Lyx is the bike for you. A classic steel bicycle with a distinctly Scandinavian design, Pilen Lyx has an upright, relaxed, and comfortable driving position, which allows you to wear what you like and enjoy the view as you ride along. The standard bike is stylish on its own but can be spruced up to further increase style and comfort with a Brooks genuine leather saddle with spring suspension. In short, this is the bike for you if you are not just thinking of your bike as a means to get somewhere, but want to enjoy the ride too.

From: 8,345 SEK

We Love This – Stylish Scandinavian bicycles

Hard Rocx, Circo Volante

Norwegians are known for their love of the outdoors and for their willingness to invest in high-quality equipment to make the most of their magnificent landscape. The Circo Volante from Hard Rocx reflects this. Designed for the Norwegian landscape and terrain, the mountain bike is (together with the company’s Forza Volante) the most prize-winning bicycle in the Norwegian NorgesCup. With its futuristic-looking, award-winning frame and extensive attention to detail, this is the bicycle for the serious bicyclist, looking not for a means of transport or a weekend ride, but for a life partner.

From: 39,990 NOK

We Love This – Stylish Scandinavian bicycles

Standard Highwheels, the Tourer

Standard Highwheels, the developer of a modern high-wheel bicycle, proves that Swedes can be just as fanatic about bikes as their Danish neighbours. Established by Swedish architect Per-Olof Kippel in 2013, Standard Highwheels has launched two bicycles that are literally guaranteed to make you the centre of attention, no matter where you go. In the company’s own words: “Standard Highwheels is a fantastic bicycle for those who are not afraid to stand out, for those who are close to passion, joy and perhaps a touch of madness.” Yes, the idea of towering high above most other road vehicles might be a bit mad, but somehow it is also incredibly alluring, and we love it!

From: 1,500 euro

We Love This – Stylish Scandinavian bicycles

Photo: Lina Karna Kippel/ Standard Highwheels

Larry vs Harry, the Bullitt cargo bike

Increasingly, Danes are using bicycles to transport EVERYTHING, from children, dogs and tourists to camping equipment. Being as Danes are – sensible, stylish, and comfort-orientated – they do so on a range of aptly designed cargo bikes.

The ultra-cool Bullitt cargo bike sets itself apart from other mainstream solutions by several features. The main difference is that the cargo area on a Bullitt is a part of the frame construction which means that despite only weighing 22kg, the complete Original Bullitt is rated to carry 180kg. Moreover, with a width of just 46 cm, the Bullitt is a lot slimmer and more aerodynamic than most other cargo bikes. So, if you want to take your kids to school the cool, Scandi way or to do your weekly shopping with zero emissions, start typing Bullitt into your search engine.

From: 2,200 euro

We Love This – Stylish Scandinavian bicycles

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