There are some exciting shifts happening in the beauty industry. Smaller-batch productions are on the rise, formulas made with live-microbial cultures that fortify our natural skin defences are becoming popular, and mid-priced products that pack a punch are blowing up on the market, undercutting the high-end. Watch out for these trends as you browse for this year’s sunscreen. Scandinavia has a few superior SPF creams up its sleeve in 2023, and we’ve picked out the best to keep you looking and feeling great this summer.

Oxygenating Day Fluid SPF 30 by Lumene

Intense hydration meets daily sun protection in this summer skincare offering from the Finnish label Lumene. The cream is enriched with organic Nordic birch sap, pure Arctic spring water, and super-moisturizing hyaluronic acid and is so lightweight that the brand prefers to describe it, not as a cream, but as an ‘ultra-light fluid’. Finland is an under-the-radar innovator in skincare, with interesting new products that leverage the benefits of live forest microbes hitting their internal market, but that are yet to be picked up by the global mainstream. Lumene is one of Finland’s most internationally recognised skincare brands and is a good starting point from which to explore the country’s budding beauty industry.

50ml, €23.90

Face Sunscreen SPF 30 by Karmameju

‘Suncare that’s skincare’ is the tagline of Danish brand Karmameju’s sun-cream line. This hydrating SPF30 face cream is packed with natural antioxidants and active ingredients including moth bean extract to stimulate collagen production, Aloe Vera for healing, anti-inflammatory jojoba oil and the plumping agent du jour, hyaluronic acid. The active sun blocking ingredient, titanium dioxide, is a physical, rather than chemical, filter and offers broad-spectrum protection against UV rays without blocking the pores.

50ml, €39

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Solstråle SPF 25 by IDUN Minerals

This factor-25 face cream by Stockholm-based IDUN Minerals is an ultra-light and silky-smooth protection against UV rays that moisturizes and primes the skin, too. The formula is rapidly absorbed and contains 3 per cent niacinamide to support a strong skin barrier, as well as vitamins E and B3 to nourish and guard against harmful free radicals. You can do good while you feel good too, because the tube is sustainably produced from renewable resources.

30ml, €22.95

We Love This: The 6 best Nordic sunscreens in 2023

Mineral Defence Sunscreen SPF 30 by NUORI

There are no synthetic additives or preservatives in NUORI’s products. The brand champions small batch production, blending new products every 10 to 12 weeks to ensure the creams on the shelf are always bright and potent – that the efficacy of the active natural ingredients is never depleted. “The NUORI philosophy is called ‘Fight for Fresh’ and our concept is built around skincare being simple, fresh and clean,” says the company’s Finnish founder Jasmi Bonnén. This delicious and highly effective sunscreen is about as natural as UV protection gets. This Copenhagen-based label is quickly becoming a Nordic favourite in the wider beauty press of Europe and America.

50ml, €45

We Love This: The 6 best Nordic sunscreens in 2023

Banana Bright Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 by Ole Henriksen

This 100 per cent mineral sunscreen made with 16.3 per cent zinc oxide and enhanced vitamin C imparts a beautifully light matte finish on the skin. The high mineral content, which makes it an extremely effective UV-blocker, will leave a faint, but quickly absorbed, white residue on the skin – but what a small price for an incredible complexion and a veritable nuclear bomb of vitamins! Its naturally derived citrus scent smells delicious, too.

50ml, €32

We Love This: The 6 best Nordic sunscreens in 2023

Deluxe Sun Protection SPF 30 by Tromborg

Family-owned Danish label Tromborg was founded in 2003 by Marianne Tromborg, a former professional makeup artist who shaped the brand based on her own personal and professional approach to beauty. This velvety factor-30 cream is made with a mild and healing formula that contains coldpressed kukui nut oil which has been used therapeutically in Hawaii for centuries to treat acne and psoriasis, organic pomegranate oil packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, and revitalising Aloe Vera.
200ml, €46

We Love This: The 6 best Nordic sunscreens in 2023

Bikini and shirt by Scampi

A bikini so cute it can also function as a top? Yes, please. The Bari bikini from the Swedish brand Scampi is even reversible. Throw on top the ‘fruitsalad’ patterned shirt in flowy viscose, and you are ready for both the beach and drinks after.

Bari Top in Sun, €115
Maui Shirt in Fruitsalad, €130

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