This Copenhagen-based gallery represents artists whose works of art show pertinent perspectives and real depth, and are the antithesis of trend-led, unconnected pieces. It supports talents of all ages and nationalities and has an uncanny ability to spot genuine originality and innovative artists, who all want to continue to grow and respond to the world around them.

Wilson Saplana Gallery is a relatively new gallery in central Copenhagen, owned by artworld connoisseurs Christina Wilson and Nanna Saplana. Highly experienced gallerist Wilson, the previous owner of Gallery Christina Wilson (2002-2012), first opened the gallery back in January 2022 as Gas9Gallery. The business grew rapidly, and Wilson initially hired Saplana as a younger, experienced curator, who has since become co-owner. The gallery now resides in bigger premises opposite the capital’s main train station.

Wilson Saplana Gallery: A space for visionary artists and experimental exhibitions across generations

Maria Wæhrens. Photo: Brian Kure

Each artist is handpicked, and the co-owners focus on gathering exciting creative minds who want to continue cultivating their vision and critical response to important aesthetic, social, and political issues. “We want people to open their eyes to our fantastic artworks and the artists and their huge potential, and know that you can actually acquire great art for your own living room,” Wilson says. The artists all work closely together in supporting each other’s work. “We encourage them to help and ‘use’ each other’s expertise and approach, to learn from what they each do in their own work.”

Wilson Saplana Gallery: A space for visionary artists and experimental exhibitions across generations

Sophie Calle, Maternité, 2018, Courtesy the artist, Perrotin and Wilson Saplana.

A supportive and creative community

It’s a truly creative community where all members contribute to the positive dynamic in the artistic hub. “In the gallery, we have very different artworks, each of them unique, and we want our artists to continue developing their work,” she explains. The expansion of creativity and ideas is a crucial part of the gallery’s mission; encouraging artists to explore different artistic expressions and experiments and supporting continued artistic growth.

Wilson means that this ensures that the exhibited works are always relevant, never stale, and never stuck in time. “This is not just about selling art but about continuously stimulating and staying relevant. We want to support our immensely talented, diverse artists and give them a platform for their art and continued artistic progress. They all share an honest interest in artistic development.”

Wilson and Saplana both foster long-term relationships with the artists they represent and believe firmly in each independent artist’s output. “We select what we feel strikes the right balance between content, aesthetics, and expression,” Wilson says. Crucial to the business side of things, each artist must show museum potential and create work that makes you think. “The pieces we exhibit are art, not interior, and not for reproduction. Individuality, ingenuity, and thought are important aspects of each individual piece, but they have to be good investment pieces as well.”

Wilson Saplana Gallery: A space for visionary artists and experimental exhibitions across generations

Sophie Calle, Torero, 2002, Courtesy the artist, Perrotin and Wilson Saplana.

A wish to learn, develop and grow

This year several of Wilson Saplana Gallery’s young artists in their 30s have museum installations and are being presented at various museum collections, such as Ida Thorhauge, Maria Wæhrens, Miriam Kongstad, and Niels Pugholm.

The art must have content and the ability to speak to the audience and to buyers, it must have a deeper meaning beyond how it first appears to the viewer. “We are only interested in artists with a critical approach and who through their art comment on the state of the modern world,” Wilson reiterates. One of the most recent representations is the renowned visionary, avant-garde visual artist, and film director Jytte Rex, who at 82 brings a wealth of experience and perspective through her work.

Wilson Saplana Gallery: A space for visionary artists and experimental exhibitions across generations

Hannah Heilman. Photo: Christian Brems

The spring exhibition with new work from all twelve represented artists in the gallery runs until 25 May and there are more exciting things ahead at Wilson Saplana Gallery. At the end of August, it opens an exhibition with photographer, writer, installation artist, and conceptual artist Sophie Calle, one of France’s biggest female artists, who is in her late 60s. There will be two further exhibitions in the autumn, with diverse but equally exciting Danish artists, Hannah Heilmann and Hannah Toticki. Inuuteq Storch from Sisimiut in Greenland, one of the gallery’s younger talents, is representing Denmark at the 60th Venice Biennale this year (Calle incidentally represented France at the 2007 Venice Biennale).

It is impossible to pigeonhole this exhilarating and avant-garde gallery, where artists are given free rein to create and expand their concepts and ideas regardless of age or background. What truly matters is a sincere, continuously developing sense of wonder and engagement with the world today, and a wish to learn, develop, and grow.

Wilson Saplana Gallery: A space for visionary artists and experimental exhibitions across generations

Gallery owners Christina Wilson and Nanna Saplana. Photo: Art Matter

Wilson Saplana Gallery
Vesterbrogade 6, 1620, Copenhagen
Open Wednesday-Friday 12-18
Saturday 12-16
To read more about the artists represented, visit:
Instagram: @wilsonsaplanagallery

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